Giant explosion and cyberattack cause major blackouts across Puerto Rico (video)

explosion blackout puerto rico june 2021
Explosion causes giant blackouts in Puerto Rico on June 10, 2021. Picture via Youtube video

A large fire at an electrical substation for Puerto Rico’s new electricity provider, Luma Energy, knocked out power for hundreds of thousands of the island’s residents Thursday.

At the height of the blackout, nearly 800,000 customers were without power, according to Luma. By midnight, roughly 60,000 customers were still in the dark.

The fire caused major blackouts across the entire island. The situation is under assessment and work is being done to restore the system,” LUMA Energy tweeted.

Cyberattack at Luma

The fire and blackout were not the only crises facing Luma on Thursday.

Earlier that day, the company announced its client portal and mobile app fell victim to a cyberattack that disrupted customer access to its online services.

The DDoS attack, or distributed denial of service attack, generated 2 million visits per second to the client portal and mobile app, impacting many customers’ ability to access account information, according to Luma.

The company said in a statement that it “regrets that its customers experienced the inconvenience the attack may have caused and looks forward to continuing to provide them with an exceptional customer service experience.

It’s unclear whether the fire and DDoS attack are connected.

Just 10 days after being chosen as island’s power authority

Luma is just 10 days into its new role as the island’s power authority. The prior energy provider for the island, Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, had its own notorious struggles with blackouts, bankruptcy and overall mismanagement in the wake of Hurricane Maria in 2017.

Officials had cautioned residents to be patient in the early days of the transition as Luma inherited frail electric infrastructure. But even before Thursday’s blackout, more than 1 million customers lost power just this month alone, not counting those affected by the substation fire.

Governor calls for an investigation

The fire broke out in a transformer at Luma’s Monacillo substation in San Juan, according to the company. Police and fire services went to the scene. No injuries have been reported.

In a message shared on social media, Gov. Pedro Pierluisi referred to the incident as an “explosion.”

Pierluisi said both state and federal law enforcement authorities are investigating.

He added, “Whoever is responsible for it will have to answer to the People of Puerto Rico.

FBI San Juan authorities said they are “evaluating” the power outage and encouraged people with information to come forward.

New seismic unrest

If you follow a bit the seismic activity of Puerto Rico and in the Caribbean islands is recent days, you have probably observed that the region is constantly being hit by moderatly-strong earthquakes.

This map summarizes the different earthquakes that hit the Caribbean and Puerto Rico in the 24 hours:

earthquake puerto rico june 2021 caribbean
Earthquake swarm hits Puerto Rico and along the Puerto Rico Trench in the Caribbean in June 2021. Picture via USGS

I think this enhanced earthquake activity may have something to do with this huge blackout… What do you think? [NPR]



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    • Georgia guidestones piss me off too.

      The LORD shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul. The LORD shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.

      – Psalms 121:7-8

  2. During the S America Roll, the Caribbean Plate
    is pushed down on its southern edge while lifting on its northern edge. The S America Roll is finalizing, with many quakes in Central America and down along the Andes as a result. Thus the Caribbean is lifting on its northern edge and has been hammered with quakes in the Leeward Islands. Rock stress is a known attractant for EMP, the electronic screech in the rock wanting to arc up to a screech in the atmosphere. Thus during a strong EMP blast from Nibiru, Puerto Rico was caught in the crosshairs

  3. Earthquakes? Cause a CyberAttack? Really? No, lousy service by the electric company, corruption in the local government, and frustration by the people, that is behind the power outages.

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