Mount Etna reaches record height after continuous and strong volcanic activity since February

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Etna is growing in height after months of continuous volcanic activity. Picture: INGV

The southeastern crater of Italy’s Mount Etna has increased in height after six months of continuous and strong volcanic activity, becoming taller than ever.

Mount Etna’s youngest and most active crater is now 3,357 meters (11,000 feet) above sea level… A new record.

The National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) wrote in a press release said, “Thanks to the analysis and processing of satellite images, the southeast crater is now much higher than its ‘older brother’, the northeast crater, for 40 years the undisputed peak of Etna.

Since mid-February, after nearly 50 episodes of ash and lava belching from the crater have led to a “conspicuous transformation of the volcano’s outline,” INGV said, adding that the volcano’s dimensions have been calculated through satellite images.

The last paroxysmal eruption occured on August 9, 2021. Here’s a video of the event:

The record height of the northeastern crater of Etna was recorded in 1981, at 3,350 meters. However, its height was reduced to 3,326 meters after collapse at its edges in 2018.

Mount Etna’s crater has been belching smoke and ash since February, posing threat to surrounding villages. Nearly 300,000 metric tons of ash were cleaned up. The crater’s ash has been damaging crops, dirtying streets, and slowing traffic, creating a nuisance in surrounding areas. [ADN]

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