Dangerous lightning attack hits and kills 500 sheep in Georgia

500 sheep killed by lightning in Georgia, 500 sheep killed by lightning in Georgia video, 500 sheep killed by lightning in Georgia picture
500 sheep killed by lightning in Georgia. Picture via video

Around 550 sheep were killed during a lightning strike on Mount Abul in the Ninotsminda region in southern Georgia on August 9, 2021.

Deputy Mayor of Ninotsminda Artavaz Tonoiani says that there were about 1,500 sheep on the pasture which is located five kilometers from the village of Tambovka, Ninotsminda.

500 sheep killed by lightning in Georgia, 500 sheep killed by lightning in Georgia video, 500 sheep killed by lightning in Georgia picture
Some of the dead sheep have blood on their heads (maybe coming out of their eyes?)

Part of the dead livestock belonged to a local farmer from Tambovka, and part to farmers from Kakheti.

Jnews shares a video provided by the farmer’s son Yagor Levanov that shows killed sheep on the pasture.

The shepherd said that lightning struck twice, hit the sheep which then fell down dead.

Veterinarians are now investigating the cause behind the mass die-off. There is indeed no official confirmation that the weather is really the cause.

500 sheep killed by lightning in Georgia, 500 sheep killed by lightning in Georgia video, 500 sheep killed by lightning in Georgia picture
That’s really a tragedy for those farmers.

A commission has been set up at the mayor’s office to assess the loss. The cost of one sheep on the market today averages 350 GEL (about $113.45).

The dead sheep will be buried in a mass grave in the surrounding area. [Agenda.ge]

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  1. earth charging, poles shifting, chock full of nuts breaks out everywhere, three more days to Halloween, and don’t forget you mask.

  2. Well, if you research the electric chair, you will find in the early days, when convicts were lit up, sometimes they got too much juice, and bled from the eyeballs.

    We saw that article last year where several livestock died a similar fate.

    It’s a big loss to the shepherd and his family.

    Many people get struck by lightning each year, and I stand around trying to photograph it. I have nearly been hit twice. Once, I could feel the heat on my chest, and see the tree it hit about 50 yards to my east. The picture I had, you could see the branch catch flame.

    Up in the northeast, where I was in the tornado, they get some big ass lightning up there. Really fun to watch.

    *I bet the sheep were all packed up when they got hit. If they were spread out, there wouldn’t be so many dead ones.

      • Didn’t know that on sheep?

        Rabbits can die easy from shock and fear. Seen that. Chicken died once when I grabbed it to check something on his leg. Tasted fine too. They probably have a heart attack or stroke?

        I didn’t see any bleeding eyes though, like some of those sheep.

        Had to work near a pig slaughterhouse way back. Friend says, you hear that pig screaming?

        I says, yeah. He says, that’s the one next in line to be slaughtered.

        Seems animals know much more than we think they know.

    • We were on a boat in KY when we got hit by a tendril, not the main shaft, of the main bolt. OUCH and I am still after 30 yrs having fiberglass coming out of my left arm. A 6′ fiberglass antennae was right next to my arm…vaporized! All survived with just welders burns (where feet met the carpet floor) and one girls hair was perfectly curled! Saved her money!
      BUT that is the loudest sound I and my ex Father in Law (Iwo Jima veteran) have ever heard. Still wonder how we walked away from that…

      • I was standing by a telephone pole, and a bolt hit the top. Pole was smoking, and yes, it was very loud. The mechanic and did a 9.9 sec 100 yard dash to shelter. Then it hailed.

      • I once had a neighbor that used to park her vehicle in my space. A real imbecile. Well, one storm she just parked her vehicle in my spot, and a huge bolt hit the tree nearby, it sounded like a bomb went off. She screamed, and probably wet herself.

        I was snickering to myself, upstair looking out the window.

        We have a monsoon right now. Big thunder and lightning. Started around dusk.

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