Typhoon Omais dumps 98mm of rain in 1 hour over South Korea – Marine traffic disruption

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South Korea – Typhoon Omais

Typhoon Omais made landfall in South Korea late on 23 August 2021. Heavy rain flooded roads, railways and homes and threatened landslides which prompted some evacuations but there were no reports of injuries or casualties.

Geoje City located in South Gyeongsang province recorded 98.0 mm of rain in 1 hour early on 24 August 2021, while Imsil in North Jeolla Province saw 84.0 mm and the port city of Busan 78.0 mm. Total rainfall amounts for the duration of the storm were over 230 mm in Geoje.

South Korea’s Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters reported over 120 roads were flooded across the metropolitan areas of Busan, Ulsan and Daegu, and in the provinces of North Jeolla, North Gyeongsang and South Gyeongsang.

Rail services were temporarily suspended after tracks were flooded in South Gyeongsang Province. Around 150 buildings were affected by the storm, including 85 in Ulsan.

According to News Agency Yonhap, 33 people were displaced by floods in Ulsan and Tongyeong in South Gyeongsang Province and 1,157 people were evacuated amid fears of landslides and flash floods in eastern Busan, Changwon and South Jeolla Province. [Flood List]

Marine traffic disruption

Meanwhile, dozens of ships diverted away from the world’s sixth-busiest container terminal as Typhoon Omais hit South Korea’s southern coast around midnight Tuesday (Aug 25).

The port of Busan was forced to close at noon Monday and resumed operation Tuesday, when it had 11 container ships in port, less than half of the median during April to August.

The disruption comes as berthing resumes at a container terminal in China’s Ningbo, one of the world’s busiest ports, sparking optimism that full operations could be restored after a shutdown.

The Meishan terminal is reopening following a two-week shutdown that further snarled already stressed shipping routes in Asia. The terminal was about a quarter of the Ningbo-Zhoushan port’s capacity and was shut from Aug 11 after a worker was found to be infected with Corona. [Straits Times]

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    • Up in the mountains we got rain yesterday, with some 40+mph gusts. Makes me very happy. Thunder and lightning for several hours too.⛈

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