La Palma declared disaster zone! More evacuations after increasing explosive activity and powerful shock waves – New vent – Flights canceled

La Palma volcanic update September 25, 2021, La Palma volcanic update September 25, 2021 video, La Palma volcanic update September 25, 2021 pictures
La Palma volcanic update September 25, 2021

The activity of the new volcano that erupted on Sunday on the Canary Island of La Palma greatly increased on Friday afternoon, prompting the authorities to evacuate more nearby municipalities and cancel flights.

A series of explosions have been heard throughout the day, while more pyroclastic material and ash was being spewed out from the Cumbre Vieja area.

What’s more, a new vent has opened up, from which lava is flowing.

Around a thousand people have had to be evacuated from the areas of Tajuya (644 inhabitants) and Tacande de Abajo (319), as well as the part of Tacande de Arriba that had not already been cleared of residents (385).

Meanwhile, airlines Iberia, Binter and Canaryfly have had to suspend all of their flights to and from La Palma, which is part of Spain’s Canary Islands, located off the northwestern coast of Africa.

The firefighters in the neighborhood of Todoque had to evacuate from the area due to the increasing amount of pyroclastic material and ash that was falling in the area.

The explosions had become much more frequent by Friday evening and were audible in all areas of the municipalities of El Paso, where the volcano is located, and Los Llanos de Aridane, which is the most-populated area of the island.

The Civil Guard also evacuated the area three kilometers from the volcano where the National Geographic Institute had set up its operation center, clearing the area of onlookers and journalists who were broadcasting from the spot, located next to La Sagrada Familia church.

Sidewalk cafés in El Paso were left deserted as members of the public sought shelter inside and followed developments on the television.

They were also fleeing from the ever-increasing ash, the continuous passing of emergency vehicles, and the impact of the shockwaves from the explosions, which are rattling the windows of buildings throughout the municipality. All of this was taking place under the dark skies caused by the smoke from the eruption.

The regional premier of the Canary Islands government, Ángel Víctor Torres, announced on Friday that a first round of financial aid, worth €13 million, would be released for those affected by the volcano, lava from which has completely destroyed hundreds of homes and other properties. Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez also announced today that the Cabinet would next week designate the island as a disaster zone. [El Pais]

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  1. When will the island fall into the ocean and create that tsunami they always talk about that wil wipe off the East coast of America?

  2. ABBA FATHER has put us in a situation where we will come to the final conclusion that there is no one to turn to but Him. There’s nothing to rely on but Him. Nothing’s to do without Him. And that’s just the reality. Every single person will arrive to this point sooner or later, hopefully, before they die. Those who trust ABBA are more than Conquerors.

  3. If I lived on the east coast, I would have my car filled and bug out bag ready.
    Maybe even take off for the Tennessee hills for a couple weeks.

    Glad I live in Spokane, Wa.
    Largest aquafer in the USA, 3 rivers, our own dams that power the city with a specific dam that only powers our water supply pumps.
    All our dams are 70 years old and built with the giant copper coils. Almost EMP proof.
    Great growing season, low population, surrounded by the largest wheat exporting counties in the USA.
    Conservative town, with old railway money.
    We had 1 “drag queen story time” and it was shut down in 30 minutes by 2000 protestors.
    No Antifa BS here either and Spokane is 1900 feet above sea level and 400 miles from the Pacific coast.
    Now…If Mt. Rainier or any of the other 10 Cascade volcanos blow, we get covered in ash like in 1981 with Mt. St. Helens.
    St. Helens ash is still in the dirt here.

    Take care,

  4. We are currently living through a period of time where information is being twisted by hidden hands through the mainstream media – to manipulate mankind to behave in increasingly unnatural ways which remove use from ‘our free will’- more than most of us realize. As we continue to be bombarded by ‘Convenient Lies’ – on a daily basis – tonight we will catch up with one of our ‘friends of the show’ – Jill Benzer from NY – and together we will cut a section through how it is to live in this Great city and once great symbol of Liberty.
    Islam is , is not religion of peace duck duck go it?

    • More people are waking up. More people can see and hear the lies now.
      Some people are so busy with trying to survive, they don’t see and hear the media lies yet.

      When the world wakes up more, then there will be Global Mass Rebellion. Then God will bring Justice. You watch.

  5. Looks much worse. Probably a major cataclysm on the way. So much bad news coming up on the horizon, that if those weather warfare machines can make something worse, they probably will. Keep the lamestream buttclown media busy with stories to distract from the election fraud audit.

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