Powerful eruption of Fuego Volcano in Guatemala – Pyroclastic flows, ashfall and plume 6km in the air (videos and pictures)

Fuego volcanic eruption in Guatemala, Fuego volcanic eruption in Guatemala video, Fuego volcanic eruption in Guatemala pictures
Fuego volcanic eruption in Guatemala. Pictures via Twitter

The Fuego volcano, the most active in Central America, erupted violently on Thursday, September 23, 2021 around 6:40 a.m. local time, triggering large columns of ash (up to 6.3km in the air) and pyroclastic flows (1km to 1.2km long).

According to preliminary reports, the cone is is constantly shaken by volcanic tremors and moderate to strong avalanches run down the Ceniza, Trinidad, Tanuluyá, Santa Teresa and Las Lajas canyons.

The eruption is accompanied by moderate to strong noises (similar to the sound of a locomotive)

Ash fell onto communities located on the south and southwest flanks of the volcano (Panimache I and II, Morelia, El Porvenir, Santa Sofía, Sangre de Cristo and San Pedro Yepocapa) and may affect air traffic in the surrounding of the ‘Mountain of Fire’.

Photos and videos show a dense column of gases and ash near the volcano, located about 45 kilometers west of the Guatemalan capital.

Insivumeh recommended to the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (Conred) to increase the alert level to RED.

Moreover, they asked for emergency measures, especially in the communities near the Ceniza, Taniluyá and Trinidad canyons.

Firefighters are also on high alert and ready to evacuate the communities located on the slopes of the volcano if the eruption intensifies.

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