First snow covers Sierra nevada as winter-like temperatures engulf Northern California

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First snow falls on California on October 7-8 2021. Picture via FB

A few inches of snow fell late Thursday and early Friday in the Sierra Nevada mountains, as Northern California sees winter-like temperatures in early October.

The National Weather Service said as of Friday morning that high elevations have seen between 1 and 3 inches of snowfall.

Several more inches of snow are possible Friday at elevations above 8,000 feet, the NWS Reno office said in a bulletin.

The weather service predicts the South Lake Tahoe area will see clear skies Saturday and Sunday, with a chance of snow showers returning Monday.

Snow levels could fall to about 5,000 feet Monday and Tuesday, as a colder system passes through, though snow showers are expected to be light.

About a half-inch of new snow could fall Monday near South Lake Tahoe, forecasts show, with a nighttime low of 25 degrees.

Meanwhile, the weather service has a fire weather watch in place Monday and Tuesday for much of the Sacramento Valley and parts of the Bay Area due to gusty winds, ranging from 30 mph to 40 mph.

A fire weather watch is a step below a red flag warning, but the advisory could be upgraded before Monday. High temperatures in Sacramento are expected to remain in the 70s this weekend and early next week, with overnight lows near 50 degrees, as the breezy and gusty winds arrive.

Snow on a wildfire

Snow also fell at the command center for the Caldor Fire burning near the Lake Tahoe Basin, according to the incident management team’s meteorologist.

U.S. Forest Service officials in a morning update said a “dusting of snow” is possible Friday, but due to “extreme/exceptional drought conditions, this moisture will slow the surface spread of the fire (but) will do little to extinguish the fire.”

The wildfire is 93% contained, and all evacuation warnings and orders have been lifted, but more than 1,100 firefighters remain assigned to the 221,775-acre blaze, working to complete containment.

The California wildfire grew to 65,475 acres (102.3 square miles) as of August 19, 2021. [SacBee]

This week, the season’s first significant snow began dropping on the Sierra Nevada, and a chance of showers was forecast for the Bay Area on Friday, all of which was helping fire crews coax long-burning infernos like the Dixie and Caldor fires to near full containment. Fire season, however, is not over.

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  2. Winters are getting colder. We had a -9° below zero a couple years back. Last year we had a -3° night. It’s cyclical usually. Some Winters are just colder too.

    Right around 0400hrs-0600hrs is your coldest slot. I learned that up in the mountains, so I insulated my well booster pump and well-pump. I put a chicken brooding heat lamp with a 60w bulb under a tent that I put over the insulated well booster pump too. Nothing will piss you off like frozen pipes or booster pump, which will crack if you try to heatgun it, so don’t do that. Use my method.

    • All that snow will be good for the fake drought baloney caused by satanists and their fear propaganda.

      90% of mockingbird media stories are lies, deceit, and propaganda. Those top media outlets are run by pedosatanists, grifters, and fraudsters. They are owned and directed by spiritual wickedness in high places. Most of it is intrinsically evil. Been going on for centuries. The richest people on earth, ie, banksters, those are the most evil shitbags on earth. Look at their bloodlines!

    • Thats crazy cold temperatures, here I am thinking that 19*C is freezing (66*F).

      I hope you keep safe during these winters, if the pace of what you said is increasing. It’s going to be bitterly cold there, while in Perth (Western Australia). We will have a very hot and humid summer this year, due to those massive icebergs breaking off.

      • Alex,
        I have two dogs, and they help keep warm at night. Electric blanket on low uses very little energy. We also use wood burning stove, propane, and extra blankets. Oil lamps give off heat a little too.
        Not sure about icebergs breaking off this year. I think that was a myth anyways. Electroverse has good info on GSM, and snow mass growing.

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