1 dead, 3 injured after leak at a nuclear power plant in Tarragona, Spain

1 dead, 3 injured after leak at a nuclear power plant tarragona spain
1 dead, 3 injured after leak at a nuclear power plant tarragona spain

A leak of carbon dioxide at a nuclear power plant in Spain on Wednesday killed one person and left three injured, emergency services said.

The fault at the Asco plant in the region of Catalonia was related to a fire prevention system and had no connection with the radioactive material, the Catalan fire service said in a tweet.

Three maintenance workers and a firefighter stationed at the plant were carrying out routine work when the leak happened.

The three survivors were taken to a nearby hospital with light injuries from inhalation. Seven firefighter crews were sent to the site and along with security personnel from the plant were able to re-secure the facility. Emergency crews said they were preparing to leave after a final check.

Risks of nuclear energy

The plant, in the province of Tarragona, along with the nearby Vandellos II power plant, provides around half of Catalonia’s energy supply, Spanish newspaper El Pais reported.

Vandellos II suffered an “anomaly” in a pressure transmitter which was picked up by the safety regulator, the Nuclear Security Council (CSN), according to El Pais.

Accidents at nuclear facilities are rare, but they can have dire consequences when they do occur.

Japan is still dealing with the fallout of the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant ten years ago.

The area around the infamous Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine is still considered unsafe for people who stay there too long.

The Asco power plant was prosecuted in 2007 after radioactive particles leaked from the ventilation system. [DW]

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  1. We must abolishes all nuclear power plants and all of nuclear bombs in the world. Other wise we have zero chance the mother earth will not be split in two halves?
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    • Honestly don’t know why the government and media spreads so much hate. I was viewing a few groups on an app, all were very hateful and racial yet not willing to be educated. The people choose those whom are in power, sad to say that majority is the ones who decide the fate of the world. Obviously the general public will follow what is scripted and keep those in power, nothing has changed in the past couple decades with sheep mentality but there has become more acceptance in my view (which comes from someone who lives completely elsewhere to others).

  2. Well, think of the big picture. If we have cataclysmic events, then nuclear power plants could be damaged, and leak radioactive particles into the air/water table.

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