La Palma volcanic eruption update: New vent, new very fast lava flow, 4 new cone collapses, powerful jets and all flights cancelled, yellow warning due to heavy rains

La Palma volcanic update for November 25 2021
La Palma volcanic update for November 25 2021

Today, the eruption is more powerful than the last several days.

The main cone also collapsed at least 4 times between Thursday and early Friday, thus increasing the flow of lava. Moreover, a new vent has opened on the southern part of the main cone of the La Palma volcano early this evening.

As a consequence, a new stream of very liquid and fast moving magma has formed. The new lava flow emerging from the new fissure runs at 600m/hour through new territory in urbanized areas.

The new front has already covered the Las Manchas cemetery (area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters; more than 5,000 niches and the only crematorium on the island).

Meanwhile, State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) has issued a weather yellow warning. The authorities of La Palma have announced that this Friday access to the highway to the south of the island will be closed due to the risk of runoff and landslides due to the expected heavy rains.

All flights to and from La Palma have been cancelled.

The affected area is estimated at 1,100.44 hectares, 11.6 more than yesterday. The lava delta located to the south measures 43.46 hectares while that in the north is estimated at 5.05. hectares.
Meanwhile, the eruption has destroyed about 1,484 buildings (1,195 residential; 160 agricultural; 67 industrial; 34 leisure and hospitality; 28 public. The affected crop area is around 340.59 hectares, 5.08 more than the last record (211.19 hectares are banana plantations; 60.02 are vineyards; and 26.4 are avocado trees).

And keep in mind, we are just at the beginning of this disastrous eruption!

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  1. That seamount is 20,000 feet tall: 13,000 or so deep to the sea floor, the other 7,000 or so the highest peaks.

    Could it be the mountain thrown into the sea mentioned in Revelation?

  2. This is very disturbing. This volcano may be close to a catastrophic caldera collapse. A catatrophic caldera collapse can happen without warning. The volcano can collapse down, salt water would rush in, causing a massive explosive event. Example: Crater Lake. Please research the cause and effects of a catastrophic caldera collapse.

  3. That 2nd video looks pretty formidable. Reminds me of the late 50’s sci-fi classic, The Blob.
    Except this is a massive lava amoeba.

    No crematorium now, but plenty of lava to put the dead to rest. All those avocado trees poof. We had avocado trees in our backyard. They don’t grow fast, so that sucks. Last few years we get the Mexican avocados here. They suck compared to the ones we grew. I won’t even waste my money on ’em. Bland, flavorless cerotes.

    • Yeah, All the black gangs, blm, and the buttclowns are gang robbing high end department stores. They stopped shooting looters a while ago. Back when I was a kid, they shot looters, so we didn’t have these stupid people back then looting. Worked great too.

      • They are trying to force it by the wordings they use, the aren’t actually legally enforcing it. Just making the people who don’t read between the lines, think you have to have it. Australian Human Rights Commission, clearly states it is illegal to force anyone to have it and it is up to businesses to try to enforce it. Which means they have to take the responsibility if anything does go wrong (which it will). Media is helping pushing the narrative and not all remote aboriginals understand English nor out laws, which is why they have a leader that can. They are getting misinformed, so indirectly yes they are pushing it. I won’t get the jab and I won’t get a job, that simple solution for me.. I am not a greedy person and don’t need the newest or flashiest of everything. Happy and Humble.

      • Alex

        They are using coercion . Same here. They bluff people into fake vax bioweapon. I won’t take it either. F ’em. Lol.

      • We two are old farts who believe in Law & Order.
        Where I live, nobody is stoopid enuf to try looting. Our Ladies carry and I would guess that 75% of the people in my County have weapons and carry. In KY we can carry OPEN or concealed WITHOUT a permit.
        I love living as a FREE MAN!

      • Yeah, Mike. It’s true. We have Constitutional carry. I never walk out my door, unless I have my sidearm or rifle. We have bear and mountain lion. Tracks within one mile of my ranch, so I don’t take chances. I can’t run as fast anymore either. Lol.

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