La Palma volcano update: SO2 emission, earthquake activity and volcanic tremor pick up – Navy sends ship – Schools remain closed

La Palma volcano update for November 5, 2021
La Palma volcano update for November 5, 2021

We are far from an end here! The volcano has not stopped yet and is just entering a (short) phase of stabilization, but will continue ejecting lava during a long period,” said Carmen López from the IGN (National Geographic Institute).

During the same Pevolca meeting, the scientists stated that the activity of the La Palma volcano has increased in the last few hours characterized by a considerable increase of sulfur dioxide (SO2) in the plume (up to 29,400 tons/day), and a significant increase of the volcanic tremor (now at medium levels again).

In parallel, the carbon dioxide (CO2) emission also increases at the Cumbre Vieja ridge (sea), reaching 1,850 tons/day.

Currently, the volcanic ash plume reaches about 3,500 meters, and disperses in a south-southeast direction. Ash has reached and covers the sea in Puerto Naos:

According to officials, air quality is good. However, face-to-face classes in the 22 educational centers of El Paso, Los Llanos de Aridane, Tazacorte, Tijarafe and Puntagorda have been canceled for today! This probably means that the air quality is not as good as stated!

Although no significant growth has been observed in the flows, the seismicity continues to be high in the intermediate zone of the eruption, meaning that lava is continuously being fed.

The IGN has located over 54 earthquakes on the island of La Palma in the last 24 hours. 7 have been felt by the population. The highest magnitude reached an intensity of M4.5 and took place at 00.05AM, at a depth of 35km. 4 other tremors have been located at a similar depth, while the others hit at 12 kilometers.

la palma earthquake
La Palma earthquakes. More than 54 tremors hit the southern part of the island in the last 24 hours. Map via IGN

Thus, earthquakes continue to swarm south of Cumbre Vieja at depths between 10 and 15 kilometers. Moreover, seismicity is high in the intermediate zone in the same areas of the last weeks.

The IGN has also detected a slight vertical deformation near the eruptive centers of the La Palma volcano. It is however not comparable to the sudden deformation of 17 centimeters detected 10 days ago. Today’s inflation probably reflects the eruptive dynamics.

la palma ground movement
Inflation and deflation of the ground near the eruption centers of la palma volcano. Picture via IGN

According to the latest available data, the area affected by lava already reaches 983.44 hectares. So far, the eruption has affected some 2,700 buildings. The lava has also blocked 63 kilometers of public roads and destroyed 283 hectares of agricultural land.

The Spanish Navy ship “Anfibio Castilla”, a helicopter, a medical team and four landing craft able to transport up to 80 people have been sent to La Palma to transfer farmers from the port of Tazacorte to their banana plantations located on the coast. Really?

The Navy first sent the Maritime Action Vessel “Tornado” and some divers from the Canary Islands Diving Unit to evaluate hte coastal situation. The reconnaissance has confirmed that the beach of Puerto Naos is ok for landing.

La Palma is one of the newest members of the Canary Island archipelago. It has emerged out of the Atlantic Ocean roughly 1.8 million years ago as the Earth’s crust shifted over the hotspot responsible for these islands. The oldest islands, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, started building around 20 million years ago and are now eroding away. It will one day disappear again under the ocean.

Meanwhile, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has traveled to La Palma for the sixth time today. Sánchez announced tax exemption for housing aid on La Palma. He also announced that gender violence on the island has grown by 57% between September 19 and October 18, 2021.

The eruption is just starting and is picking up again after a small and short phase of calm! Be ready and stockpile, the worst is yet to come!

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  1. This is just the initial phase of the eruption, ominously portending the catastrophic event yet to come. The eruptions will move in stages to higher elevations as the volcano is clearing its throat to belch its full fury through the abyssal fissure running along the precariously perched backbone of the summit of the island all the way down to its southern-most extremities. The coming rains will saturate the ground to provide the water that will turn into steam and, unfortunately, produce the mechanism that will provide the lubricant that will cause an unprecedented landslide of a mass equivalent to or greater than that of Manhattan Island to thunder into the sea. The earth is generously warning the people of La Palma to make preparations to evacuate, concerning which those in whom we have mistakenly placed our trust have remained mute or even worse, in complete denial. Global seismic and volcanic activity are on the rise, therefore one should not consider for a moment that the eruption of Cumbre Vieja is merely a transient event. The steam and ash clouds are an obvious warning of an increasing intrusion of seawater that is temporarily quenching the cold-fusion reaction deep within the nucleosynthesis reactor chamber below. As vast amounts of the structural basaltic underpinnings are displaced by magmatic liquidation, the chamber below will eventually collapse, thus providing a path for a massive intrusion of seawater to enter therein to produce a steam-bomb explosion on an order of magnitude four times greater than the Krakatoa event of 1883. Krakatoa is La Palma’s little baby brother, the later having the potential to become the mother of all eruptions in recorded history. It is now only a matter of time, and all of the evidence strongly suggests that time is running out.

    To the people of La Palma: your prayers are being answered every day as the volcano continues to erupt. The answer is clear, but as yet not fully apprehended. Your time is growing very short and the time has come to clear out. You are lying on a track, a geological crack, while the volcanic locomotive’s gigantic horn blares its proximity. Cease your petitions and listen intently to your intuition as the earth continuously answers your pleas. Get off your knees and beat a retreat, the answer to your entreaties is to flee.

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    People are getting awake already great.

  4. I’m waiting for the Island to slip on the SE side. If that happens, ya’ll on the coasts … RUN!

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