PLAN A: Video reveals bleak outcome of a US and Russia nuclear war


Horror simulation reveals the bleak outcome of a possible nuclear war between the USA and Russia that would ‘kill 34 million immediately’. This is according to research from Princeton University.

Now prepare and get your Potassium Iodide pills in case of a nuclear radiation emergency.

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Here some things to add to your disaster & preparedness kit:

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  1. my cognitive dissonance has totally taken me by surprise….and i find it terribly difficult to pull my head out of my ass ….any thoughts?

  2. The ignorance of this simulation is ignores the Russian submarine right off out east coast AND the Chinese submarines off out west coast. It shows our subs but not theirs. We do not have any chance if this would break out. We will not even get out missiles out of the ground.

  3. There’s always MAD, mutually assured destruction. Hopefully sanity will prevail. I grew up with school drills all the time. I do not like what I am seeing lately.

  4. REALLY!!!! How stupidly naive can they get, either this is a really really OLD simulation or just plain ignorant. NOT one single nuke from a Russian submarine, REALLY????? We would be dead in less than 15 minutes from the Russian subs.

  5. I can’t watch the video because my sysadmins have blocked google, youtube and a number of other legacy social media. Can you please post on an alternate platform for folks like us?

  6. If/when Russia/China attacks they will bypass Europe and Taiwan and go directly to the US. If they succeed in winning against the US both Europe and Taiwan will capitulate. The attack will be led with air burst nuclear weapons on military targets. The electrical grid will be destroyed causing many, especially in the cities, to die of exposure and lack of water and food. Land invasion to occur in the spring on both the east and west coasts, possibly Minnesota.

    • I agree with you , china invading Taiwan is a deception and China will attack the U.S.A. first . If America is defeated our allies will surrender to china. We have Chineses and Russia soldiers in Canada and in southern/ central America.

  7. Please do not tell Joe Biden…he will do this and destroy the World.
    All countries with nukes WILL launch – Israel, America, Canada, England, France, Germany, Spain, Pakistan, India, China, North Korea, Russia and Australia – that is a total of 20 K nukes and 250-500 Mton of Hell on Earth.

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