Alien? Mystery liquid falls from sky over Eastern Las Vegas neighborhood


People in one Eastern Las Vegas neighborhood near Hollywood Blvd. and Charleston Ave. have been completely perplexed for weeks as mysterious brown or black droplets have fallen on their properties.

Marcos Cervantes said the droplets have rained on his home, cars, RV, basketball course, and just about everything else for the last three to four weeks.

It could be grease? Oil? I don’t know,” Cervantes said while looking at the hood of his mystery liquid coated SUV. “It’s very hard to maintain my vehicles. It’s very very difficult to be outside in my backyard knowing that I can’t even cook or barbecue or anything like that because of droplets on my food.

Neighbors in the area declined an interview, but said they’ve all experienced the same thing with no explanation.

Cervantes questioned whether the droplets could have come from planes passing overhead, but he said contacting the Federal Aviation Administration yielded no answers.

He wondered whether the substance could be toxic or harmful to his health.

I would like somebody to take action and help me determine what this is and help find a solution,” he said. [KTNV]

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  1. When zionazis see this, the first question that comes to their demonic minds is “is this black goo falling on the goyim good for Israel?, if so, we must find ways to fund this”

  2. Purple or oily rain is caused by the Petrol in the tail of Nibiru combined with the magnetized iron oxide dust. This will increase to be an Internet sensation without explanation until the authorities admit the presence of Nibiru.

  3. If it’s Black Goo, they need to stay away, stay far away. It is connected to the plandemic, also the Falklands War decades ago and a series of odd “suicides” at the R&D department of a military-linked Electric Company in the UK, in Salisbury.
    Here are some links. This is very bad news if they are dropping it from the sky as well as injecting in into people via the vaccines. (This link tells symbolically and artistically just WHAT the scamdemic is all about – Black Goo.)

  4. Idea…send some samples to the gov’t and let them figure it out. No doubt you’ll hear about it on the nightly news especially if it’s “dangerous.” Don’t waste your money getting it tested, let one of Uncle Sam’s labs do it for you at their expense.

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