Warning! 50 birds fall from the sky on Virginia Campus and near UK reservoir


In the last few days, there have been many apocalyptic events of birds falling dead from the sky. There has been those swarms of hundreds of feathered animals dropping in Mexico and Wales, US bald eagles dying of lead poisoning, and the recent uptick in highly pathogenous avian flu across the United States.

Hier a brief summary:

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Now let’s talk about the latest birds mass deaths reported around the world:

Virginia campus mysterious bird deaths

Radford University students were shocked Thursday afternoon to see a slew of dead birds on the ground.

At least 55 American Robins were found dead or on the verge of taking their last breath on the college campus.

Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center was able to save two birds that are recovering well.

At this time, the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources is investigating the cause of death by testing five birds.

Sabrina Garvin, the executive director of Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center, said they have many speculations, but one idea is that the birds died from trauma.

“It could be they ingested some type of fermented berry or a toxin and then possibly that made them drunk,” Garvin said. “They fell to the ground. And the fall to the ground caused the injury or the death.”

The surviving birds will remain with the wildlife center until test results return. [WSLS]

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Warning as 50 birds found dead at Nottinghamshire reservoir, UK

50 wild birds have been found dead at a reservoir in Sutton-in-Ashfield and people have been warned not to touch them.

In one week this month, approximately 50 wild birds were found dead at the King’s Mill Reservoir.

Officers from Ashfield District Council have been removing the dead birds and keeping the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs [DEFRA] informed.

And people have been warned not to touch the dead animals.

Councillor David Hennigan, who represents Sutton Central and New Cross on the district council, explained he’d been at the reservoir with council leader Jason Zadrozny.

This is obviously distressing for residents but it looks like the situation has peaked at King’s Mill Reservoir,” said Independent cllr Hennigan.

We have been asked by DEFRA to ask people visiting King’s Mill Reservoir not to touch any dead birds they find.

The council’s environment teams have been monitoring the reservoir on a daily basis, and officials have even been on the reservoir in canoes.

We’ve put up posters warning residents about a possible outbreak,” cllr Hennigan said last week.

The dead birds on the reservoir have caused huge upset but I can assure them that the council are doing everything possible to contain the problem.” [NottinghamPost]

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  1. In VA it could have been Russian olive intoxication.They were planted on interstate exchanges to prevent erosion.Normally the birds have the problem when other food is scarce or its hot and the olives ferment.Otherwise they treat them as a snack much like we might potato or corn chips

  2. Could be avain flu.Though it could also indicate they were inadvertently poisoned by bait grain set out for rodents.Usually pellets are used but there are times and places that grain works better.

  3. 5G
    Redchinesey bird flu bioweapon
    Environmental poisons
    Too many juniper berries

    Hard to say without pathology report?

    • Missed ya buddy, often come to this site to both check on the news which doesn’t always make MSM till many months later plus to see your replies.

      • Hey Alex, How’s your area doing? We are getting snow now. Burning logs, chopping wood, making lasagna. Listening to classic rock, smoking my old tobacco pipes. Got a couple old Baldo Baldi pipes from a seller. He’s was an old world Italian craftsman. His pipes are legendary. Many famous people in Italy smoked Baldi pipes. He passed away last year. Keep your eyes on Canada. Been watching the Canada tyrants and martial law news.

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