Glowing blue spiral across southern U.S. sky and other amazing phenomena for February 1 2022


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A new and massive Winter Storm will engulf a LARGE portion of the Central US later tonight and into tomorrow! You can expect large impacts from ice, sleet, and snow! Like during last weekend, expect large travel delays across the US this week.

The strong winds and weight of snow/ice on tree limbs may down power lines and could cause sporadic power outages. This will predictably be dangerous as a result of the very cold arctic air that will bring sub-zero wind chills!

Here’s a look at the current Winter Storm WARNINGS that have been issued ahead of this major storm system. expect a few more winter-type warnings to be issued IN THE NEXT FEW HOURS.

Weaponized weather hit both the US East coast and Europe this weekend, grounding thousands of planes and leavings hundreds of thousands without power.

More Natural disasters

Catastrophic flash floods in Quito, Ecuador; 11 dead, 9 missing, 50 injured; Widespread power outages; homes, infrastructures & bridge collapses


‘The Bulge’ is back; Renewed inflation (ground deformation) detected near South Sister volcano in Oregon probably due to magma entering the 4.3-mile-wide (7-km) chamber; Last time the volcano erupted was for more than 2kyr…


NEW LONGEST LIGHTNING ON RECORD! It has been just confirmed. A complex of storms from Texas to Mississippi (April 29, 2020) produced the longest (horizontal) lightning strike ever recorded. More than 477 miles long and 8.5 seconds in duration. It’s called a “megaflash” — crazy…


The coming food shortages are going to be FAR WORSE than we are being told

Freak storm hits Ipoh, Malaysia. Many homes heavily damaged by hurricane-force winds. Residents haven’t experienced such a furious storm in decades…


All aquatic life destroyed! Samsung Austin plant spilled up to 760K gallons of acidic discharge into tributary

Daily life has been disrupted in Turkey during the last few days due to heavy snow fall and accumulation! Several meters in some places. Homes and cars buried! Frigid temperatures…


But beware of any weather prediction right now! Weather predicting Milltown Mel dies just before Groundhog Day

TONGA: Lack of clean drinking water after major eruption disaster! US stumbles in distributing freshwater in times of need too! ALWAYS BE READY!

Lake Powell water level STILL dropping as southwest remains in drought


Amazing spiral vapor trail from the orbital burn for COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation satellite over the middle of the U.S.




SpaceX Falcon9 first stage landing and subsequent ‘shock wave’ a bit earlier…


China’s 5G network now covers all prefecture-level cities, 98+% of urban areas, 80% of township-level urban areas: China ends 2021 with 1.43 million 5G base stations

Evacuations ordered for 6K+ after massive fire at NC fertilizer plant because of TOXIC FUMES & RISK OF AMMONIUM NITRATE BLAST…

You remember Beirut 2020 explosion I suppose?

Unvaccinated parents will be BANNED from seeing their own sick KIDS in Western Australian hospitals under strict new laws


PLAN A: Video reveals bleak outcome of a US and Russia nuclear war

3-year-old boy refused heart surgery in Germany, UK, and Israel, due to unvaxxed parents

Right now, Chicago’s rail system lights up the gas burners to make sure the tracks’ movable parts don’t freeze up and delay trains as temperatures drop:


Biden poised to ROUND UP anti-vaccine doctors & force them into insane asylums

Moderna launches clinical trial for HIV mRNA vaccine like in Covid shot

After the collapse of the bridge in Pittsburgh, the bus had to be removed with a crane:


U.S. diabetes deaths top 100,000 for second straight year

Tesla recall: ‘Full Self-Driving’ software runs stop signs

Blizzard in Saskatchewan Jan 31 2022, visibility went down to zero on the highway and stoped the traffic for hours:


TELEPATHY TO CONTACT ALIENS! Military-trained psychic spies were able to view non-humans on Earth and elsewhere through remote viewing

Los Angeles UFO Sighting: The still unexplained Battle of Los Angeles in 1942

Mobile phone aarket over 30 years:


ATF database on firearm sales sparks fears US gov is tracking millions of gun owners

CREEPY! Corsight AI, a robotics company in Israel, says it is developing a system that CAN RECOGNIZE YOUR FACE FROM JUST YOUR DNA! Who will be the next usual suspects? US

A nuclear fission bomb detonation, approximately 0.0016 seconds after initial detonation:


What to do in an emergency involving radiation?

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  1. That blue spiral:
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