Kooky things you can do to keep you entertained

strange things poker and entertainment
strange things poker and entertainment

There are countless things to do to keep you entertained. However, sometimes the tried-and-true methods can get a little bit old. If you are searching for something novel to do or just another way to have fun, then check out these kooky ideas! You might well be surprised at how much fun you can have with them.

Get into sowing seeds

If you like gardening, but don’t want to take care of something that takes up lots of room and needs a lot of maintenance, then consider planting some seeds. You can grow anything from flowers, vegetables to even fruit trees. Start by putting them in small cups and eventually transfer the seedlings into bigger pots as they start growing. If you have any empty containers, this is a great way to repurpose them.

If you’re a foodie and love all things in the kitchen, then consider getting into canning foods. It’s a great method of preserving perishable items for later use, but it also allows you to have homemade goodies that stay edible for longer periods of time.

Save your old newspapers

If you have an interest in arts and crafts, then save your old newspapers because they can be used to create all kinds of items. It doesn’t take much to get the creative juices flowing! You just cut out interesting shapes and paste them on a poster board to produce something stunning or cut them into smaller pieces and use them as filler to give a gift basket an extra pop.

Play some online poker

You can play poker online really easily now. You can even try and find some of the most popular poker game variants that are gaining in popularity now. That’s why if you like playing poker, you might as well try it online and play against other players from all over the world.

Try disco dancing

If disco music is one of your favorite songs, then you should try dancing to it even if there’s no one around to see it. Disco-style dance moves are fun and funky. They’re great for burning calories and if you have a really good groove, then try learning some disco moves.

Get into animating

If you have a good computer, then consider getting into animation. It’s incredibly satisfying to watch something you created come to life right before your eyes. Plus, it also gives you the power to change what doesn’t look quite right or work on parts that don’t feel smooth enough.

Make a movie

It’s great to watch a movie or even see a play, but if you’re looking for something more involved and fun, then think about making your own. You can either write it yourself and refine it with the help of other people or get together with your friends and turn it into a production that makes everyone laugh.

Learn a new language

You don’t have to travel the world just to learn a new language. Thanks to the Internet, you can simply find lessons online and teach yourself how to speak a foreign language. That’s why if you want to add some diversity into your life, then consider learning a new language that will give you bragging rights when you finally get around to traveling.

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