5 years of s**t again: 2 people shot dead by police in Paris amid protests against Macron win (videos)


Two people were killed in Paris amid election protests on Sunday evening after police fired at a vehicle, following a ‘refusal to comply’, AFP news agency reported. The vehicle reportedly tried to run the officers over at Pont Neuf, and one of them fired his weapon.

The driver and one passenger died; another sitting in the back seat was injured.

The driver reportedly stopped at the request of the police, but during the check, he suddenly took off and drove towards the officers. According to the media, one of the police officers shot with a rifle several times in self defense.

Self defense… OF COURSE… Here some videos:

With the inflation rising and the French governmental fiasco, I do believe we will get a lot of unrest in France in the next days, weeks and months.

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  1. We must overcome evil with good. We must unite in prayer during the protests. Pray that all the evil ones who serve satan, will be removed from this earth and sent back to Hell where they came from. If we Pray, God and his angels will free us from all evil. We must return to God, it is not enough to reject the devils running the NWO freemasonry. WE must return to God and pray for him to save us and save our souls from the devils and their lies. We must publicly pray the rosary together. The name of Jesus makes the devil cringe and all demons must fall to their knees when they hear his name spoken. The NWO people hate the sun, they are like vampires. They drink blood/adrenochrome. They must be brought into the light of the sun during the day and sprinkled with Holy water. That is the way to keep them from doing any evil. They need to be contained in their own world, separate from us, so they cannot do their evil and speak their lies.There are concentration camps built for the Christians who will refuse the mark of the beast/digital ID in the hand followed by the chip in the brain/Neurolink. That is what all of this since covid has been leading up to. The elite/NWO, antichrist demons, belong in the camps, not christians. Pray for that to happen. God will protect us, but only after we reject the devil and his lies, and instead return to God. Then we will have truth, peace, Love and unity as brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. We will have true equality, and true freedom.

  2. Its time for the Free People of the world to start killing cops in mass! They work for the evil overlords and they deserve to be shot for daring to kill those who pay them!

    • Does that go for those supposedly enforcing the law as well? If so then open fire free People of the world!!

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