The massive Hunga Tonga volcanic eruption is warming the planet… Not cooling it!

hunga tonga volcano eruption warmed the Earth
hunga tonga volcano eruption warmed the Earth

The destructive eruption of Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai which occurred in January of 2022 was the largest explosive eruption of the 21st century.

New research into the eruption has revealed something completely surprising; instead of cooling the planet slightly like other prior large explosive eruptions have, the eruption instead will warm it.

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  1. Neither water vapor nor CO2 has any so-called “greenhouse effect” – I’m so sick of the BS. Basic chemistry. Another fun fact – I forget which eruption it was – may have been this one, but it was recent – one eruption ejected more than 10 times the CO2 that “mankind” has produced in its entire history…FACT.

    Water vapor will stabilize temperatures and lower extremes wherever it exists. It’s called condensation and evaporation and it’s a neaty-keen negative feedback phenomenon. Water vapor and solar cycles determine overall climate…PERIOD. And many of the scummies pushing “lordal globing” know this.

  2. Doesn’t seem like it is warmer to me, seems like the last few seasons have been cooler in my area. If more moisture in the stratosphere equates to warmer temps for the next decade, then that helps the global warming hoax science. Oh well, another decade of lies, deceit, and hoaxes to stoke the fear porn flames?

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