5G health danger and misinformation: Canada is lying to us again!

stop 5G save the planet from EMF radiation
stop 5G save the planet from EMF radiation. Picture via Guardian

On its page entitled ‘5G technology, cell phones, cell phone towers and antennas,‘ The Government of Canada is lying to you…

Under the chapter ‘Health effects of cell phones, cell phone towers, antennas and 5G devices,‘ they state there are no health risks from exposure:

Based on the available scientific evidence, there are no health risks from exposure to the low levels of radiofrequency EMF which people are exposed to from cell phones, cell phone towers, antennas and 5G devices.

They contradict themselves, a first time, when they argue that based on 1000s of scientific studies, only 2 adverse health effects from EMF can occur at levels above the Canadian limits:

  • Tissue heating, such as the warming of your skin
  • Nerve stimulation, which can cause a tingling sensation in your skin

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In the chapter ‘Misinformation and health concerns,‘ the Canadian government warns of the widespread misinformation and opinions on the health risks from exposure to radiofrequency EMF increasing on the internet and social media.

Most recently, there have been claims linking 5G networks to COVID-19. Again, they say there is no scientific basis for these claims.

Well, here you go: Another conspiracy theory correct! Connection between COVID-19 and EMF RADIATION INCLUDING 5G TRUE!

Another frequent concern is the potential for radiofrequency EMF to increase the risk of cancer.

Again, they claim that ‘the scientific evidence does not support a link between cancer and exposure to radiofrequency EMF at the levels permitted by Canadian exposure guidelines.

But then, they contradict themselves second time, writing: ‘There have been some studies reporting an increase in incidence of brain cancer among long-term, heavy cell phone users. However, other studies conducted around the world, including studies assessing brain cancer trends among large populations, do not find changes in brain cancer incidence. This is despite widespread use of cell phones over the past 25 years.

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They conclude saying: ‘There is no established scientific evidence that those who use cell phones are at increased risk of experiencing adverse health effects with the Canadian limits in place. This includes children and teenagers.

I think the Canadian government and most of the ‘scientists’ working for it did not take into account previous warnings and scientific studies as presented in the following articles and others:

If you wish to further reduce your exposure to radiofrequency EMF from cell phones you can do so by:

  • texting instead of calling
  • using hands-free devices
  • limiting the length of cell phone calls
  • making phone calls from locations with good reception

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It is not very reassuring that governments and ‘robust’ science back up a rollout of new technology without exactly knowing its short- to long-term effects on our health and behavior. Stop this insane experiment on humanity… [Canada]

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  1. High powered 5G is what happened in Wuhan, in 2020. Not a virus that doesn’t exist. Weird how nobody outside Wuhan got sick. And they had just turned up the 5G network. I think they were going to do the same thing here, but a Bill was rushed through both Congress and Senate with 100% approval in just a day or so to ban Chinese 5G here. This was early in 2020 when the Democrats and MSM could do nothing but blast President Trump. Right down to how he eats ice cream. But they all got together to ban Chinese 5G. A friend of mine works for AT&T Wireless confirmed they had to remove Chinese 5G. Seems to be a complete blackout on any news coverage of this. I imagine it would shut down all 5G, is why.

  2. Why “they” want everyone registered into CPU-style bodily cryptocurrency (2020 060606) where “they” know everything we think, see, hear, eat, believe, do via 5G/6G/etc computer databases that monitor “unwanted” individuals for targeted health issues and planned deaths?

    They want us trapped in a “Ready Player One” movie-style Metaverse as elites tear down/hide/relocate artifacts and world secrets under Rome’s orders. They’ve been doing this en masse since at least Manifest Destiny.




    Earth’s NOT a spinning sphere nor tiny, contrary to the “brilliant” revisionist astronomy spewed by Rome’s mouth: https://odysee.com/@JesusSaves:4/Blahh:8

    The creation of post-human Vexille-style obedient cyborgs via repackaged, “safer/smaller” 666 v-bows: https://odysee.com/@FreedomFromTyranny:0/The-FLU-+-POLIO-'INJECTIONS'-are-also-'FULL-of-GRAPHENE-!’-(Dr.-Liliana-Zelada)-NO-SURPRISE-!:9

    Desantis is not Christ – Desantis (and all world governors/presidents) are either openly (left/not hiding) or secretly (right/controlled opposition) Pro-NWO/freemason agents. G. Guidestones takedown was a staged event and not a victory for us! https://odysee.com/@richiefromboston:9/bandicam-2022-07-06-18-02-39-365:e

    Rome wants to destroy every country in the world and destroy traditional cultures and languages. They’re wrecking Europe and then they’ll undoubtedly destroy Japan and South Korea via civil unrest and lack of food/energy:https://odysee.com/@JesusSaves:4/sri-lanka-has-fully-collapsed-as-the-prime-minister-declares-the-nation-bankrupt-youtubetomp34.com-(online-video-cutter.com):e

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