Waves after waves, after waves… They keep crashing on us…

waves after waves keep crashing on us
waves after waves keep crashing on us

Another cartoon I managed to find around the internet that shows media related to disaster and what might still happen with collapse oriented issues.

Lately in America, the focus is (well was now), on COVID-19 for awhile.

Naturally, behind every wave there will be another one. The one that comes after looks like the very issue of poverty, most likely occuring due to economic inequality.

The one after that is probably the various issues that are slices of the pie on collapse.

The media also has a tendency of focusing intensely on one issue rather then looking at the bigger issues.

Not forest through the trees, can’t see the tsunami through the waves.

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  1. Yeah, Health Ranger calls it a multi-pronged attack. Multiple crisis like waves erode people’s hope and faith. Godless heathen need to Repent and ask Christ for forgiveness so they (their souls) can be saved. If you Repent, but keep being a heathen your prayers won’t be answered. That’s how it works.

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