Engineered destruction of US drinking water! After Jackson, Mississippi, now NYC (arsenic) and Baltimore (E. coli)


After Jackson, Mississippi, now NYC (arsenic) and Baltimore (E. coli)! Water treatment is failing in many different cities. These are just the first drops in the bucket. Cholera and dysentery are on my mind now. While they give billions to Ukraine, vital infrastructure collapses across large cities in the US.

E coli has been detected in multiple locations across Baltimore in recent days, city officials have announced.

Residents have been urged to boil tap water for at least a minute after E coli samples were detected in West Baltimore over the weekend. Since then, over 1,500 people in the city of around 600,000 have been affected by the advisory, including multiple schools.

The health and safety of our residents is of the utmost importance,” Baltimore health department director Letitia Dzirasa said at a press conference alongside city leaders on Monday night. “Our key recommendation from a public health standpoint is to boil water for at least one minute. We know that boiling water kills bacteria, as well as other viruses.

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According to the city’s public works department, 360 water samples have been taken from 90 locations across the city, with E coli being found in several locations.

In a notice to residents, the department said its “team is flushing the system continuously and performing leak detection, valve assessment, and increasing the chlorination in the area”.

“Baltimore City Fire, Police, Office of Emergency Management and the Maryland Department of the Environment have been notified, have been provided representatives, and are engaged with DPW,” it added.

The Maryland environment department said on Tuesday its engineers were inspecting the city’s distribution systems, treatment systems, pumping facilities and other infrastructure.

Speaking to WMAR 2 News, local resident Ianthia Darden said: “They just asked us, from what I gathered, not to bathe, not to drink the water, and if you do, to boil the water before you use it for anything.

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The public works department has provided a gallon of water to each household, totalling 1,700 gallons handed out on Monday alone.

Baltimore mayor Brandon Scott said: “Although this is limited to a specific area and thankfully not citywide, we are absolutely taking this matter very seriously and understand the concerns of all residents at this time, especially when communities in cities in other parts of our country have recently had water challenges.

Other cities across the US have been experiencing similar water contamination crises. Earlier this week, New York City’s East Village was found to contain high levels of arsenic in its water systems, forcing thousands of residents to use water bottles and potable water stations.

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Meanwhile, in Jackson, Mississippi, the entire city has lost access to running water as a result of mass flooding.

It seems to me that the information from the city is confusing and contradictory. For the first few days, they only put out information on Twitter. The DPW deleted some tweets and wasn’t responding to questions.

Baltimore is an old city known for its sinkholes, water main breaks and water leaks and its defect infrastructure. The storm drain pipes (probably full of shit) cross the water mains full of leaks. Some parts of the city smell like sewage. I wonder if this is where the e coli comes from (sewage getting into the lines somewhere after treatment, and sewage tanks into storm drains that cross water mains would do it).

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  1. What’s the big deal! In LA they want citizens to drink toilet to tap water. What’s the difference? Seriously, nearly every city’s water delivery system is either contaminated or just plain leaking and falling apart. In the city near where I live, the water system leaks about 30% of the water before it’s deliver to the tap. But the town’s citizens wants more bike trails, swimming pools, gay bars, etc. I guess they’ll wake up when they turn on the tap and nothing happens. Now that’s Progressive… like 1840 AD. Hey, how about more aid to Ukraine?

  2. Funny you mentioned this. I was just thinking how horribly bad tasting our water is (just awhile ago). So bad, I think it has something rotting in it somewhere. Yeah, that’s how bad.

    • Ratty,
      What have you done to counter the crappy water? I remember the days when people had Sparklettes five gallon glass water bottles delivered. Lol. I had a huge glass vintage Sparklettes bottle for pennies. One time I got so broke, I had to roll all of those damn pennies. $62 dollars worth. Took all day too. Ate ramen and eggs for a couple weeks until my money got back to normal.

  3. Baltimore City: Come you clowns we have ONE stinking gallon of water for each household – are you “F-ing” kidding me? WTF is ONE gallon going to do?? Yet we give away everything under the sun to vile, criminal invaders daily and I won’t even get started on the situation in Eastern Europe. What a flipping joke.

  4. “Systemic racism” strikes again. Another black run city with broke down infrastructure they’ll be blaming this on whitey you can bet.

  5. Considering that the so-called vaccines had agents in them that were designed to kill, while claiming that they were designed to save your life, cholera, typhoid and ecoli are the least of my concerns with the public water supply. The public water supply has had dangerous chemicals in it for decades, but what is put in that water supply from now on may make us wish that we had a third world, bacteria laden water supply instead. Philosopher Dr. Francis Schaefer warned about the water supply being used to control the population decades ago in his book and film series called “How Shall we then Live?” Yes, I’m talking about Nazi agents putting both chemicals, genetically modified diseases and other even more dangerous substances directly into the public water supply as Dr. Schaefer also warned about.

  6. UV Light kills microbes too. Flint Michigan had water with lead in it. Hard to get rid of lead. Since the kung-flu and suicide shots haven’t killed people fast enough, the evil doers will come up with more dirty tricks. Don’t eat lettuce or strawberries from the store or from those fast food shitshacks. Lettuce and strawberry grow easily. Even on outdoor patios.

    • That’s why there is so much talk about “nukes” in Eastern Europe – truly GREAT way to kill Millions of us. Just so unreal all of this has come to and We the people continue to sit back and do absolutely NOTHING about any of it. We are more impotent and pathetic than the damn JUDEN of WWII. They had no guns, WTF is our excuse? ?

      • I agree , we have set back and have done NOTHING to stop this . I told someone the other day I don’t know why we don’t all come together and do a citizen’s arrest on those that are out to destroy us and turn this country into a third world country.

      • No Thanks,
        Good, you have a well. I do as well. My water was tested. I’m considering a second agricultural well, and independent solar power system. I do use dedicated solar panels solely for the well for my home use. Solar/Propane/Wind/Wood is the only option out here in the boonies. The advantage is government can’t turn off my power if I don’t go along with their return to feudalism and plagues.

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