What are they? Mysterious formation of green lights above the Brushy Creek area in Williamson County, Texas (video and pictures)


WHAT ARE THEY? Several people captured a mysterious formation of green lights hovering above the Brushy Creek area in Williamson County, prompting some to wonder if they witnessed something otherworldly.

Emily White said she and her friend froze when they saw a grouping of lights forming a circle overhead when they went for a walk at about 10 p.m. Thursday. She pulled out her cell phone to record the grouping that they saw in the night sky.

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We stopped for a few minutes, and we were kind of mesmerized by it. It was almost like a ray of yellow-green lights,” White said. “I’ve never seen anything like that before. They were really silent, too, and not really moving. Yeah, it was crazy to see.

White has been visiting Austin since June. She returns home to England next week, and she said people there often joke about Americans talking about alien sightings or seeing unexplainable things in the sky. However, she’s now got her own story to tell to everyone back home.

I already called my mom about it this morning, and she was just laughing,” White said, smiling. “She was like, ‘No way.’

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Michael Daniels captured movement from the same grouping of lights, which suggest they may have been illuminated, choreographed drones. He spotted the lights changing their formation Thursday night near Prayer Mountain in the Spicewood area.

In his video, it then shows two of the lights quickly dart away from the group, and someone loudly exclaimed, “Woah woah woah, what is that?

KXAN reached out Friday to several astronomy and engineering professors from the University of Texas at Austin who could possibly shed some light on what people saw Thursday. However, no one was available for comment in the afternoon.

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Neither watch command at the Austin Police Department nor the Travis County Sheriff’s Office received any calls Thursday from people reporting these unusual sightings, so it remains unclear what the source of these unidentified aircraft is. [KXAN]

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  1. Those saying it can’t be drones. They actually interviewed a drone ‘expert’ who thinks that’s exactly what they were. A drone swarm.
    Drones can do amazing things, just watch some of the drone swarms that are used at events like 4th of July, olympics etc.

    • Gary,

      I must have missed the second video a few hours ago.

      Watched second video, where they all zoomed screen left. Yeah, that was more of a perplexing video. Now, I’m stumped. Maybe aliens have better drones than earthlings? Lol. It’s definitely interesting footage.

  2. Hmmm, wish it were daylight video footage. Hard to make a determination for me. Drones or ufos? The two that broke formation seemed to move pretty quickly, and then hover with some bobbing.

  3. Drones can’t move like that. Looks like a UFO display to me. Everybody afraid to say so. We live in special times, and these sightings are becoming more common. Preparing folks for open contact. Also, some say there is often a telepathic message at an unconscious level give when there is a display like this. Nothing to fear. Not monsters like Hollywood, under the direction of the CIA always depicts them. Then there are those who say they are Demons of Fallen Angels. If that were true, why do they need a spaceship to get around? The size of the Universe is beyond comprehension. The idea we are alone is absurd.

    • Drones don’t go from 0 to high speed in +- 10 ft.
      Well as a little girl once said…They’re here!
      Only problem I see is if some damn fool shoots down one somehow and than…’Its the end of the World as we know it!

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