First major snow storms of the year hit Montana, Utah (USA) as well as Alberta and Saskatchewan (Canada)


At least in some parts of the world, it seems that autumn has turned into winter pretty rapidly…

First major snowstorm of the year hits Montana – over a foot of snow…

The first significant snowstorm of the year is currently impacting parts of Montana with heavy snow and gusty winds.

A Winter Storm Warning remains in effect until later this evening for the Great Falls area.

The wet snow has caused power outages and downed numerous tree limbs as many trees still haven’t dropped their leaves. More impactful snow amounts were occurring near the foothills of the Little Belt and Highwood Mountains where over 1 foot of snow has been reported.

This storm brings a major pattern change to the Northern Rockies where unseasonable warm and dry conditions have persisted for much of this years Fall season.

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Alta, Utah receives over 2 feet of snow, passes monthly average

Alta is off to a good start this season after a weekend storm brought more than two feet of snow to the area.

The official snow total was 25 inches, The National Weather Service reported.

This total passes the October monthly average, which is 24.4 inches.

Other areas of Utah also saw significant snow totals. Solitude received 18 inches, Summit Park got ten inches and Tooele saw seven inches.

NWS reports West Jordan received 5.5 inches, Woodland Hills got four inches and Fairview received 3.5 inches of snow.

While the storm over the weekend was a good start, there’s even more snow coming to the mountains before the month closes out. Storm models show a possibility for mountain snow on Wednesday evening. Another storm system is expected to hit in the first few days of November as well.


Calgary hit with Canada’s first hefty snowfall of the season – 10 inches of snow

snowfall record Calgary, Canada October 2022
snowfall record Calgary, Canada October 2022

We knew it was only a matter of time before a major city in Canada was hit with its first significant snowfall of the season. However, many Calgarians wish they weren’t the first to deal with this much of it.

It wasn’t just Calgary’s first significant snowfall of the season, it was Alberta’s. Saturday was a memorable day for some as the system overachieved with snowfall amounts in parts of the province.

Third-party websites such as Twitter and Facebook reported that Cochrane saw 15-22 cm while Kananaskis Valley recorded 27 cm.

Snowfall records, which began in 1881 were broken at Calgary International Airport. The area reported a one day total of 19 cm on Saturday, October 22, setting a new record for this day. The entire snowfall event total for Calgary — from Friday night to Sunday morning — has been reported as 23 cm.

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Heavy snowfall continues to fall in parts of Saskatchewan

Environment Canada says Moose Jaw received anywhere from 30 to 40 centimeters of wet, heavy snow while Swift Current appears to have gotten 20 to 30 centimeters.

Meteorologist Terri Lang says in between there, areas may have received even more snow.

Lang says 15 to 25 millimeters of precipitation melted down so it’s a good snowfall for dry areas of the province which have been thirsting for moisture.

“Cause often in the winter we get that really dry snow and you can get 10 centimeters of snow and it comes out less than a millimeter of water equivalent, so this is a good, juicy snow.”

There are still road closures and travel not recommended in many areas of southern Saskatchewan. All along the eastern side of Saskatchewan winter storm and snowfall warnings are in place.

For the Yorkton-Melville area freezing rain developed this morning and that is transitioning to heavy snow this afternoon with 10 to 20 centimeters expected. For the Kamsack-Canora-Preeceville areas strong northerly winds are also expected to accompany the falling snow and area residents can expect visibilities to be reduced while travelling in heavy, falling snow.

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  1. Near 4 corners it’s 23° F. Supposedly snow will hit, but maybe not. Ordered three cords of wood, and still have a cord or two. Fire is going strong since yesterday. Propane delivered is $4.16 a gallon, so it was more last year in Feb. Around $4.56. Probably go up soon, I ordered early. Been waiting 9 days for delivery. Sitting on 40% reading tank though. 70° inside on thermostat. Not bad.

    Seems earlier by a week for this type of temperature 23° F. Will be in low 30° by 0700-0800hrs. Owls are hunting outside. When it gets cold they hunt more to stay warm. WooHoo! Kill those mice and rats. Shot a rabbit yesterday. Saw some more too. 2-3 lbs. Size cottontail. Owls went and ate him within 20 minutes of putting him on the feeding station.

    • Tips for people that need to heat a house:

      I blew hot air from my wood burning stove to my bedroom using three fans daisy-chained. Got the house up to 77° on about five logs. Last year I doubled attic insulation. I started the morning at 65° inside/23° outside. Cloudy/partial sun type day, low 40’s type afternoon.

      Tricks so pipes don’t freeze:

      Insulated the well-booster pump with some of that thermal heat blanket material. Seems like it works pretty good. I have some white foam board and a 40w wax melting bulb for when it gets around 0-10°. Build a foam board enclosure/ tent around the well-booster pump, tarp over it, and 40w. bulb inside tent structure. Coming soon too.

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