Florida county sees spike in deadly infections caused by “flesh-eating” bacteria after Hurricane Ian

flesh-eating bacteria infest Florida waters after Hurricane Ian
flesh-eating bacteria infest Florida waters after Hurricane Ian. Picture via Springer

Recovery efforts are underway in southwestern Florida as communities face a range of new challenges in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Along with the property damage that rendered homes inhabitable and displaced thousands of residents, people across the state are grappling with environmental hazards that could pose serious health threats.

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In Lee County — where Ian made landfall on Sept. 28 as a Category 4 hurricane — officials say storm surges and subsequent flooding led to a spike in potentially deadly infections caused by Vibrio vulnificus, a species of bacteria found in warm, brackish water that typically comes in contact with humans through raw or undercooked seafood. It can also enter the body through cuts and other open wounds, and can cause severe skin infections that may be life-threatening, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Vibrio vulnificus is informally described as a “flesh-eating” bacteria because primary infections of the skin can devolve quickly into necrotizing fasciitis, a rare condition that causes tissue breakdown and at times requires amputation to prevent further spread.

The infection itself, whether acquired through food or direct contact with contaminated water, “has the potential to cause severe illness or death,” the Lee County health department said in a news release posted on Oct. 3, just after the hurricane.

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At the time, health officials were already beginning to see an increase in Vibrio vulnificus infections, which continued to climb over the next week. At least 29 cases and four deaths have been confirmed in Lee County this year as a result of such infections, according to state data that was last updated on Friday. All but two cases were diagnosed after the hurricane.

The Florida Department of Health in Lee County is observing an abnormal increase in cases of Vibrio vulnificus infections as a result of exposure to the flood waters and standing waters following Hurricane Ian,” said a spokesperson at the county health department in a statement, which noted that community members should “always be aware of the potential risks associated when exposing open wounds, cuts, or scratches on the skin to warm, brackish, or salt water.

Sewage spills, like those caused from Hurricane Ian, may increase bacteria levels,” the statement continued. “As the post storm situation evolves, individuals should take precautions against and infection and illness caused by Vibrio vulnificus.

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People with weakened immune systems, especially those who suffer from chronic liver disease or who take immunosuppressant medication, are at particular risk of developing serious complications from an infection with Vibrio vulnificus, the health department said.

If it enters the bloodstream, the bacteria can cause sepsis, which happens when an infection triggers an extreme immune response that leads to organ failure and sometimes death. Early symptoms include fever and chills, while the illness in its later stages can cause a drop in blood pressure and blistering skin lesions.

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Florida health officials track confirmed cases of Vibrio vulnificus infections and related deaths statewide throughout the year. Collier County, with three confirmed cases in 2022 and one diagnosed since the hurricane, is the only other area seeing an unusual increase in infections because of the storm. [CBS]

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  1. Besides the Young Living oils which will kill the bacteria and all microbes (as I wrote in above comment) one can use colloidal silver water and rub it all over the skin. Silver kills all the bad bacteria, microbes almost instantly, does zero damage to the body or cells, and will heal the skin quickly. I use it every day for years to gargle my mouth, clean my sinuses, and have rubbed it on my skin lesioned arm a few years ago when I had super bad psoriesis and a huge bad bacteria build up in my gut and I had bleeding scabs all over my arm (and whole body for about 2-3 days too). When I rubbed silver water on my arm the pain INSTANTLY WENT TOTALLY AWAY AND it healed it very quickly. You can make your own silver water easily at home very cheap. I have done it for years. (see web videos on how. Just buy high quality silver bars, distilled water, batteries. Takes about 90 minutes or so. Silver bar is about $25 and lasts for 1000s of silver water making.) I also used silver gel skin creams you can buy on the web like natural food sites or the big sellers, Amz or Eby.

  2. I’ve been around since 1962 and grew up in a time when flesh eating bacteria and brain eating Amoeba weren’t even imagined but with the nefarious and wicked “gain of function” research now revealed to be reality, is it possible that this messing with bacteria and viruses has only now begun with Covid? Absolutely not! They’ve been doing it for decades! They probably engineered the flesh eating bacteria as well as the brain eating Amoeba in a lab and are currently playing with God’s creation in ways we could still never imagine. What can we say to this any more than, they HATE HUMANITY!

  3. Geo-engineered CERN weather crisis to bring Ordo Ab Chao to Florida. So horrific. I hear of RFID chips, Luciferase, fallen star cytosine (number 6 to create 666 to corrupt Yahweh’s signature) being implanted into cells via the snake bite according to exposure videos that got deleted off “MooTube” – which me and my family refuse to get even once. One member had to get nose swabs just to enter a hospital in New York to see my dying vaxxed grandparent, but all 3 of us (pets also) refused and refuse all C0VID shots.

    Unfortunately, Some faraway family members got bitten by the serpent, even the very smart ones, believing a lie (a virus) to become A.I. five-gee controlled Metaverse cyborgs. Massive increase in UFOs (fallen angel discs) being seen since the eye dee 2020 plan began.

    Those who call themselves “Christians” while getting the trains-humanist snake bites are the same “Christians” who deviate their selves with Rule 33 p0rn/fanfiction/Dumblr/deviantart etc and already had “hive minds” created by govt. schools, ASD snake bites (MMR/DTAP/flu things etc) and social media long prior. Such “Christians” are going straight to hell alongside billions of souls harvested into the Metaverse/Wrong-Image/DeadWorld lake of fire where endless forms of suffering, sin and pain happen at your fingertips and you can never escape. Being normalized and promoted to kids via Roblox/YouTube. Imagine a crying nephilim “grown-up” baby just suddenly showing up in your bare hands…

    https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7826376/episodes?season=1 (Upload 2020 Seasons, a dystopian afterlife TV show. Meta complains it does not have enough digital slaves).

    • Are there people who still use LSD? Or is the mission to make anyone who may read this thread discount every post after reading your post?

  4. They need to put some Young Living oils on it to quickly kill those bacteria in a few seconds with none or few surviving since all are super anti bacterial, virus, fungus, yeast and any other bad microbe. Thieves oil (blend of 5), oregano, lemon, clove, cinnamon, peppermint, Purification, lavender and other oils will heal that skin super quick and kill all the microbes within seconds or a few minutes. They have tested these in many labs, hospitals, killing 99+% quickly. Rub garlic on it also or garlic oil.

    • True! Plants have it all! But beware of the concentration of the extract. I and my brother use oregano… It kills everything around… But if you dose it wrongly, it could be dangerous (like nicotine actually)!

  5. Did you see that Doug Brignole, a professional body builder and big supporter of the Vax, died suddenly a couple of days ago. Back in 2021 he was such a big supporter of the shot he said he’ll be the test case. If he lives, then us doubters would have to admit we were wrong. If he died, then we were right. He actually said all this. Guess he was wrong.

  6. Since nageria fowleraii(spelling might be off on fowleraii)is normally associated with nf Is it possible people were coinfected.Both like the same conditions?
    Good news though they both have somewhat similar treatments

  7. Yeah, and that fake vax compromises your immune system, which opens you up to all kinds of nasty diseases besides necrotizing fasciitis. I’m surprised the news Pinocchios didn’t blame global warming for making the water warm — an ideal environment for diseases to thrive. People should avoid public pools and public hot tubs too. You can get quite a few nasty diseases in there.

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