Big freeze strikes USA, Canada and Australia as polar and antarctic blasts dump large amount of snow in North America and Down Under

12 inches of snow in 24 hours covers California mountainside
12 inches of snow in 24 hours covers California mountainside. Picture via Youtube video

The UC Berkeley Central Sierra Snow Lab reported on Wednesday, November 2, that 12 inches (30.5 cm) of snow fell in 24 hours in Soda Springs, California, in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Video posted by the UC Berkeley Central Sierra Snow Lab on Wednesday shows fluffy flakes falling on the snow-covered ground in Soda Springs, a sharp contrast from footage of flurries posted just a day earlier.

The lab said that they were expecting an additional two to five inches of snow on Wednesday. The snowfall in the mountain range caused “slippery roads,” according to the National Weather Service (NWS). The NWS issued a winter storm warning until Wednesday evening.

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The first heavy snowfall arrived in the Sierra on Tuesday, causing spinouts and forcing highway shutdowns up and down the mountain.

During the afternoon hours, drivers traveling along Interstate 80 felt the effects of the Sierra snow.

You can’t be in a hurry. Just be OK with 25 miles per hour and you’ll get there,” said Angela Sneed.

Sneed was driving from Roseville to Reno with her sister, Ellie Drisenga, and their new puppy. The trio made a pitstop in Nyack.

Full tank of gas, case of water and beef jerky,” said Sneed, who listed off items gathered during the stop.

The sisters also had a pair of sleeping bags and extra coats for the chilly weather. But just moments after their family refueled in Nyack, Caltrans closed I-80 after spinouts caused chaos along the roadway.

When we have chain controls in effect, on [I-80] it’s 30 [miles per hour] and on [Highway] 50 it’s 25 miles per hour, so we want to remind people to slow down so they can get to their destination safely,” said Caltrans spokesperson Raquel Borrayo.

She said the agency prepositions 150 pieces of snow equipment to clear roadways as soon as snow falls.

We actually have staff that drives the highway. They’re looking at what conditions are like. We’ve got graders, plowers, we might bring in our blowers to move snow onto the shoulder areas,” Borrayo said.

Borrayo explained that clearing the highway quickly for tractor-trailers is important because they’re carrying millions of dollars of commercial goods daily.

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[Interstate] 80 is part of the federal freight highway system, so we see a massive amount of commercial goods being transported over donner summit on an hourly basis. We want to keep commercial goods moving on the highway so we can supply California and the rest of the country,” Borrayo said.

For the latest on Chain Controls and highway closures, go here.

Meanwhile, Canada’s 22-23 ski season is set to get underway early, this Thursday 3rd November, after the west of the country – particular Alberta and inland BC – has seen heavy snowfall and low temperatures for much of the past fortnight.

Banff’s ski area Sunshine Village has moved its planned opening date forward by a week from 10th November to this Thursday, 3rd November.

Lake Louise had already planned to open on Friday 4th and the third Banff area, Mt Norquay, for this weekend also.

“Yes Sunshiners, you read that correct. Banff Sunshine will open for the 2022-23 ski and snowboard season on Thursday, November 3rd. Thanks to the generous snowfall over the past week we at Banff Sunshine can now *gleefully* confirm that we will open for the ski and snowboard season THIS Thursday,” a social media statement from the resort states.

Nakiska, the closest ski area to Calgary, will decide tomorrow whether it will be the fourth Alberta ski area to open this weekend or not,
“It is snowing hard here and there’s more on the way!” spokesperson Matt Mosteller commented.

A fifth Alberta resort, Marmot Basin up near Jasper in Alberta, is aiming to open on Thursday next week, 10th November.

In Australia, spring has a hard time to settle as an Antarctic blast is currently lashing the east coast of Down Under and SNOW dumps near Sydney as temperatures plunge to single digits in Melbourne… And that just 4 weeks out from summer!

The cold Antarctic air has been dragged north by a pend in the polar jetstream – a band of wind that continuously flows about 8 to 15km above sea level.

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Icy gusts are lashing the east coast and snow is dumping just outside of Sydney and in south-eastern alpine region as the polar jetstream clashes with the separate subtropical jetstream.

It comes as residents of Melbourne and Canberra experience temperatures in the single digits – with the nation’s capital hitting just six degrees on Wednesday morning and Melbourne nine degrees, with the mercury set to rise throughout the day.

Inland parts of NSW have also experienced widespread showers and scattered thunderstorms.

The state’s central west is expected to bear the brunt of conditions with snow possible above 800 metres around Lithgow, Orange and Bathurst and more rain will flood already swollen creeks and catchments.

Lighter snowfall will extend further west, while many areas in NSW will have a maximum temperature 10 to 15 below normal.

NSW Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Sam Farraway warned motorists in the region to take care with wet and icy roads.

The recent extreme weather has badly damaged roads right across the state’s network and the forecast of more rain and possible snow only adds to our concerns,‘ he said.

The potential for snow and black ice on roads across the Central West will create additional road hazards.

Some areas across the state’s west have received no rainfall for days but we are not yet seeing floodwaters recede.

A dangerous mix of weather was created by the two jet streams clashing over the country due to the contrast in air mass density and temperature.

The polar stream is bringing cold air from the Antarctic while the subtropical sends through warmer air.

Antarctic air has been dragged north by a bend in the polar jet stream, which has clashed with the sub tropical jet stream
Antarctic air has been dragged north by a bend in the polar jet stream, which has clashed with the sub tropical jet stream

Severe weather warnings for damaging winds have now been issued for parts of Queensland, NSW and South Australia.

Flood warnings are also in place across regions in east and south-east Australia as the wild weather produces heavy rain.

Major flooding is expected at Coonamble and Nanami in NSW on Wednesday, and on Friday at Forbes which copped a deluge last month. The Bureau of Meteorology also expects major flooding on the Bogan River.

More than 90 SES hazard warnings are current for NSW with 48 flood rescues carried out and nearly 760 requests for assistance.

Evacuation orders are in place for residents in Moama, Mathoura, Cowra and Tumut.

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    I agree that going off topic and providing a whole page worth of links is annoying.

    In agreement to Anonymous:

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    Whoever took it should make every effort to repent before God…and to refrain from taking any more or complying, regardless of the consequences.

  3. Yea, Je’sus saves, Hallelujah. Thank you for your comment.

    Many are called, but few are chosen.

    Pray that your flight be not in winter.

    Hold fast, We are going to see a hard winter.

    No one else sees this. I had seen this happen in 2005, I appreciate your links, thank you Anonymous

    • When kids can’t do 7 plus 7 plus 7 = 21, we’re in very big trouble. These kids wouldn’t survive a grid down event or dark winter in New York or anywhere else:

      In one of my childhood schools, everyone had to believe that humans “evolved from ape-like-creatures millions of years ago” like most schools – yet it was literally against-rules to count/do any kind of math with your God-Given fingers. It was a special needs class with children with chronic illnesses (such as diabetes, special diet needs and allergies) and developmental/learning disorders such as regressive autism/dyslexia, unfortunately including a very violent blonde-haired boy in an orange shirt.

      Not judging outwardly on purpose but that was his appearance I remember him as. I can’t remember him wearing any other color of shirt. And I can’t remember how many times the police seized/carried him out of the classroom as he raged, screamed and roared like the Hulk, him flipping over desks and chairs, not without us and me staring at his outbursts in terror and curiosity as to why he’d flip out. I think he had intermittent explosive disorder or/and Asperger’s/HFA.

      Sometimes he was sweet and “normal”, until some unpleasant sensory stimuli made him into a violent monster. This was middle school, so he was already THIS violent – prepubescent. If autism’s just a harmless, celebratory brain difference like synesthesia/hearing colors, why are police seizing violent autistic kids and parents begging for boatloads of ASD therapies? I became homeschooled afterwards.

  4. Averages do indeed average. Average temp, precipitation etc, always revert to the mean. Maybe not in the same year but the graphs will show the mean maintaining itself.

  5. I think it’s going to be a very cold, unusually snowy, or wet season (depending on where you live) I can see the effect already where I live.

  6. Four Corners area has wind, rain, and sleet. The snow expected tonight. Probably it will help the man-made crisis called “drought.” I can see measurable rain in my pond.

    So far, it looks like about an inch fell since early this morning. All my ducks are splashing in the mud puddles and quacking their hearts out. Definitely snow cloud inbound from the West. Temp is 37° ƒ and the logs are burning for heat.

    • We got a light dusting on snow, then sunshine around 1300hrs. Four corners. I betcha mountains will have snowcaps up top tomorrow. WooHoo! I fricken love snow. Time to bag a pair of rabbits, and eat ’em. No bugs for me.

  7. i need to see a pix of snow and a 36 inch yardstick in the snow and a close up on the stick just above the snow? come on man, the thing the thing?

  8. “Good thing” the world’s going net-zero on carbon emissions – we’ll all freeze/starve to death if not given the global M0TB(s) and cyborg technology.

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    The demolition of the land down under:

    I am enraged when parents let their kids get MOTB magic potions, it didn’t start recently, but at least since the 1960’s: (do not let your children get vaxxinated)

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