21-foot orca dies on Florida beach


A 21-foot Orca that beached itself in Florida Wednesday morning has died, according to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office.

“SeaWorld will be performing her necropsy to establish the cause of her death,” the department said of the female Orca…

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  1. Yes it could cause it.In this specific case though it was disease.The causes are many including wind turbines earthquakes volcanos sonar and last but not least the negative pressure anomaly in the Caribbean sea near south Atlantic.There is something else that could cause it.Its public knowledge but I’m kinda hesitant to post it.Its not that widely known.Use the keywords acoustic research Caribbean sea.

  2. There was also a very large deep water endangered species whale that washed up in Mississippi gulf coast too. Seeing a lot of whales and deep water critters washing up on beaches worldwide. Could it be from the wave of energy that struck the earth and causing the sun’s activity to spike? Those x flares affecting the magnetosphere and these animals have magnetite in their brains so it’s being thrown off and they are going into areas they never normally do. ? Maybe. Just a thought.

    • * Actually, heard something about those “green” wind turbines along the seaboard, and sounds they emit may, in fact, harm the whales. Causing them confusion, and subsequently beaching themselves.

      • Yeah, wind turbines are likely not good for our whale pals. Seeing more articles now. The “experts” are investigating. Which indicates we could have scientific fraud to keep “green” (baloney) energy alive at the expense of whales. Sad day for sea mammals.

      • I have a small wind turbine. It is an auxiliary power source for the main well pump. When it is moving it creates a whine/hum noise. When it is really windy, it is irritating to my ears.

      • Now, another article saying a whale death was near a site where wind power turbines are scheduled to be installed.

        So, no conclusions can really be reached without more investigation and experiments (hopefully done in a safe manner).

        Pretty weird.

    • The Earth’s Core is a giant iron magnet. Magnets don’t switch polarities. NASA is feeding us another lie. Their main business is lying. NASA and the USGS are competing to see who can tell the most lies. They know an actual crustal displacement is coming. The core stays where it is at, and the crust shifts around on it. Pole Shift. Literally. New Heaven and a New Earth. Just like it says in the Bible.

  3. Pretty sad. I guess they get confused if the earth is emitting energies due to plate stress. I think it’s what often brings Oar fish up before big quakes. There have been a lot of these lately.

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