Video: Neil deGrasse Tyson exposes himself as big pharma corporate shill

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  1. Yahweh has called on me to expose this pro-vecksine A.H. (1930’s Germany has become 2020’s Florida) clone who is controlled opposition and everyone’s praising him like he’s Jesus.

    Savior or monster? If the Holy Spirit/Ruach truly dwells in your heart, you will NOT praise or worship this man or any other idol. All who worship idols go to hell unless they repent (turn away/flee from your idols now). Him (Yeshua Jesus) ONLY shall you serve, unless you want to meet JB/BG/RD/DJT’s fate in eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire.

    Left and “Right” are completely crooked, slightly different flavors, same bull butter.

    These are NOT “fake v’s” since countless other “real V’s” have taken out, harmed, and maimed millions of children, babies, and even adults. All the parents whose children got ASDs/severe developmental disabilities probably didn’t report those events to VAERS back then, so these seem like “safe real” v’s to RD’s corporate/political Christian “christ-i-am” flock of sheeple.

    History repeats itself:

    The trash behavior and politics of communists/atheists led to the rise of totalitarianism and AH (Ay.Eye. Askimet wouldn’t be happy with this) alongside Benito Mussolini. FL’s on the exact same path as N Germany, under the cuddly guise of protecting children from what RD’s UN bot-buddies have planned for decades. This man is a cosponsor of anti-“antisemi.tism” laws and UN laws and is on the side of Lucifer.

    I heard AH was actually an atheist disguised as a Christian (youtube somewhere) and was also controlled opposition in terms of his treatment towards the J’s. AH very likely created middle eastern israel.

  2. I didn’t listen to the whole thing, no time and really not worth the effort. Noticed in the beginning he called himself a scientist. Then later when abortion was brought up Tyson quickly threw in that it was the woman’s body. Scientifically speaking the baby is not part of the woman’s body, tube-in-tube and crevice design, very simple early studies in college. Was surprised by two things, first that Tyson didn’t know this and second that the interviewer let it slide rather than bringing it up. Maybe both of them do not have even a rudimentary understanding of the body. It does seem like Tyson is just a celebrity scientist rather than a real one.

    • Most political buffoons and media buttclowns have been paid off to shill for pharma-sorcery demons and wef. Makes me disgusted that these godless heathens would sell out their fellow citizens. When the shtf, and they are all zombie food, I will laugh.

      • Well, sadly I report, Lisa Marie Presley just passed away. Not sure if she was vaxxed/boosted, but she was only 54. She had a cardiac arrest earlier, and now she is gone.

        Her father, Elvis played the music my parents liked when I was a kid. I still listen to Elvis. Never cared for the Beatles. Even when I was a kid, I thought they were sissies. They did admit they all sat around together and spanked the monkey, so I was right.

        Elvis was and always will be —the King. Now, Lisa Marie is hopefully in heaven with her father, and Our Father.

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