Millions of caterpillars invade Shirnak, southeastern Turkey threatening crops, gardens and homes

Caterpillar invasion in southern Turkey
Caterpillar invasion in southern Turkey. via Youtube video

Millions of caterpillars appear out of nowhere, threatening farmland. They are found crawling along roadsides, in settlements and in fields, eating everything on their path…

Farmers are sounding the alarm. The massive amount of caterpillars is destroying properties, gardens and crops, which will lead to an increase in food prices. This is a situation to avoid after the deadly earthquakes.

Farmers have no insecticide left to protect their crops and fields. And the wave of caterpillar is non-stop. They reappear out-of-nowehere after being sprayed…

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Children are afraid to go to school. Parents don’t know if the caterpillars have diseases and are also scared.

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It is believed that this may be due to the large earthquake that occurred over the last 3 weeks in Turkey.

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An investigation has been started by a team of the Şırnak Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry.

Now they will have to eat them all… [Youtube]

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  1. House flies, ticks, mosquitoes and even caterpillers also be used as weapons, other experts found.

    They could be injected with genetically engineered viruses – and remote-controlled “insect drones” could stealthily deploy the bugs over vast areas to spread the pathogen.

    The insects then infect any person or animal they bite.

    The Nazis considered using mosquitoes as biological weapons during the Second World War.

    bill gates released bioengineered mosquitoes (Transgenic Mosquito, as a Flying Syringe, to Deliver Protective Vaccines) a few years ago. I wouldn’t put it pass him to also use this for locusts, caterpillers ect. to destroy food crops too.

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  2. Bring out the ducks, roosters, and hens. They look at caterpillars as lunch. Some seasons are big for hatching caterpillars, and some are small. We have seen green hornworm hatches cover highways before. They will devaste crops and young trees if you don’t get after the problem.

      • Yep, they snarf ’em down. That is why I keep a few roosters. Plus it’s fun to watch roosters fight each other over bugs.

    • Guineafowl !!!

      Better than chickens at eradicating Tics, locust (and I suppose caterpillars) than any other bird, a bit crazy, but fun to watch and raise. Very popular in in the southern USA.

      • Hey 50 Cal,

        Guineafowl are supposed to taste good only in year one…we never ate any as they were too valuable eating the pests. We had “french” Guineas from Metzer we were happy with them…other metzer birds are not always up to standard IMHO.

        I did raise chickens ( my favorite flavor was McMurry “Barred” Rocks), Quail, Geese ( American Buff mostly), ducks ( my favorite was Welsh harlequins from Holderread himself before he retired), those we all ate with gusto.

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