Millions of Mormon crickets invade Elko, Nevada


Millions of Mormon crickets have descended on six counties in Nevada creating a bug-infested nightmare for many residents.

Mormon crickets have a migratory habit, staying at one site usually three or four days.

Mormon crickets swarm as the weather gets hot. These insects will swarm like locusts during seasons of drought and very warm temperatures. A Mormon cricket swarm can migrate up to 50 miles, destroying crops, vegetation, and fruit, as well as creating slippery road conditions causing hazards for vehicles.

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The Mormon cricket is actually not a true cricket, but rather a shield-backed katydid. The common name derives from this pest’s invasion of the crops of Mormon settlers in the Salt Lake area in the mid-1800s. The male of this species chirps (much like a cricket), hence the incorrect common name.

Native American tribes historically hunted and ate the wingless Mormon cricket as a staple protein…

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