Softball-size hail damages homes and cars in Dilley, TX as powerful and extremely dangerous supercell thunderstorm swept across southern Texas

Dilley Texas hailstorm, Dilley Texas hailstorm photo, Dilley Texas hailstorm video
Almost the size of a baseball…

While the severe weather wasn’t widespread, the storms that did develop overnight packed a punch.

A powerful and extremely dangerous supercell thunderstorm dumped softball size hail over the southern Texas area.

Dilley Texas hailstorm, Dilley Texas hailstorm photo, Dilley Texas hailstorm video
Just a huge hail

Large hail fell in spots, resulting in damage.

That was especially the case near Dilley, where the Hilltop neighborhood was pounded with near-softball-size hail.

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Areas south of Jourdanton also received large hail.

Broken windshields

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Broken windows

Hours later, more storms passed over northwestern Bexar, Kendall, and Comal County.

Eeven through the roof…

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These storms would also produce sizable hail, with reports of hailstones larger than quarters.

Reports were received from Leon Valley, Timberwood Park, Canyon Lake, and New Braunfels. [KSAT]

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  1. this is what is happening in the world prison camp.

    why else but fulfillment of prophecy taking place.
    Hail, pestilence, fire, famines, wars, plagues, grievous sores and add plagues not written in the Holy Bible.

  2. I Samuel 8: 5,18. 12:17-19 KJV
    We need to stop fighting amongst ourselves. There is no democrat, republican, liberal, whatever. There is only one ticket, they are ALL luciferians. Stop voting, wait for God Almighty to send his only begotten Son to reign on earth. John 3:16-17 KJV.

    In 2022 I heard rolling thunder non stop for 3 hours. Talk about Strange Sounds!
    yea, we are in the end times.

    Remember in May of this year, they ( luciferians ) hold a coronation for Charles the Turd, to rule over us. There is only one King, Christ Je’sus, known as Yeshua.

    Stop voting for these luciferian puppets, stop voting. Period.

    Instead, Ask God that He will send Christ Je’sus to return and break in pieces the luciferian beast kingdom/A.I Quantum supercomputer CBDC vaccine digital ID currency system, and establish Christ Je’sus to rightful Kingdom over us on earth.

  3. Why is there so much in fighting here? This IS the Great Tribulation.

    Brother against brother, Nation against nation. Hailstones the size of talents, famine, pestilence, plagues, wars, yes we are seeing it all play out in the Book of Revelations. It’s happening now regardless of what one may think.

    Agenda 47, counter to Agenda 30, Is the same as agenga 21. The agenda started in the year 2020 under trump. Everything locked down. And our elected officials were in on it the whole time, ALL of them.

    Public lands are getting locked up. I’m living it, i’m seeing it. They are shutting down our public parks, fishing, hunting, camping spaces.

    And those with tremendous wealth and power are purchasing huge swathes of public land in order to shut it down.

    Go, try to take your son or daughter to your favorite fishing place, you will be greatly disappointed. After buying your fishing license, or hunting license, discovery pass, forest permits, ect. Places are either closed or day use only, or soon will be closed to the public.

    All public lands are now heavily monitered by either the officials or “See something, say something” people who are busybodies who live in the area. Makes for an unenjoyable experience if you are planning Bugout or INCH.

    Worse, the federal and local government hires ‘work release’ people to trash the place and/or setup permanant camps, making closures happen for the “Greater good of the community”.

    Mostly, these are BID, like mentioned in the book; Lock Down America. It fortells these 20-15 minute cities, with released cons on ‘work release’ on agreement to trash out public parks, venues, etc, in order to close down the area. The public is being herded into the slaughterhouse.

    No more infighting guys, that’s what the powers that wannabe expect us to do.

    And no PCR Tests, no vaccines of any kind (injections, solubles, eyedrops, inhalation, types expected), No digital ID/currency. Take a stand against it.

    Let’s be unified in defence of ourselves, direct your ambitions towards God Almighty and Christ Jesus before it’s too late.

    • Who cares what race they are? I don’t support Manifest Destiny or tearing these children away from indigenous languages and cultures. Are you against indigenous language education such as Cherokee/Sioux/Choctaw/Hawaiian etc? Do you understand the trauma of indigenous children growing up without their languages or cultures, even in USA created reservations also?

      • That is not the point. You failed to read the article on the idiot lefty. You are an idiot lefty so it does not surprise me. Stick to the topic, don’t twist it like your daddy, satan!

      • I’m not lying when i warned you – out of love – Trump is not a good man. Neither is Desantis. Your texts have become so dramatic, violent and childish probably because you’re an adrenaline loaded MAGA cultist on the verge of a dangerously violent rage. I’m independent, not a lefty nor righty. Due to freewill, 50cal go move to that wonderful “ideal American city” you were talking about and freely spam up Colcasperky’s new video on Bit.chute but you’ve been warned.

      • He’ll build nothing other than 15-minute cities, you swearing, blaspheming viper. Agenda 47 is just a cuter name for the 15-minute city agenda. One of the cities he’ll “renovate” is Cleveland Ohio, scarily and shortly after the East Palestine disaster. If you really trust this man and think his UN communist NW0 cities will be fantastic, go ahead and try living in one.

      • Agenda 47 would be impossible without Manifest Destiny (Jesuit/Masonic occupation of Atlantis to create the USA), years of various childhood vexxines and massive geoengineering events. Not for the benefit of the masses.

      • “Slander good men” Geez 50cal, you probably think Healh Impact News/TimTruth videos about Desantis are “fake” when it’s literally RD’s own words about how great vxxxines are. You like nazism don’t you?

    • So it’s ok to tear away children from Eber/Hebrew indigenous american/amarukhan cultures and raise them into Babalonian ido/latry Christianity religion.

      • Shut up. List 3 accomplishments you have made. List 3 jobs you have had. List 3 sports you played, Varisty or College level.

        You can’t. You sit back and criticize malign and slander good men. You have nothing and will never have anything worth being proud of in your worthless existence. Bernie Sanders was like you. Sat in his parents basement till he was 40. Never had a job. Total piece of shit, same as you!

    • Amen Thomas. I feel horrible for Indian Reservation residents and N.A. children knowing little to nothing about their indigenous languages or customs, 50cal will probably bully me and claim they’re nothing but human sakrifice and “seveges” but I have a passion for indigenous American languages. Especially Hawaiian and Choctaw.

      • Lame as usual. Play crybully like a typical lefty. The issue is she would rather abort the babies than see them adopted by a loving family. You failed to read, and conflate the issue with rubbish.

    • You say Amen to Thomas, and he isn’t discussing Indian Reservations, but you act like he is talking about your conflated issue. You really are a retarded ??.

      • You probably know NOTHING about Indigenous American “Indian” languages you fool. I’m pro life but I don’t want any children being forced to live on filthy reservations eating frybread and processed junk all day every day.

    • Thomas, 50cal thinks Trump is awesome, don’t he? Even when I give him solid facts about this Orkin man planning 10 new “freedom cities” for Babalon/Masonic Atlantis aka the sa.tanic USA.

    • 50Cal’s family is disgusting and should never be allowed to adopt any children. Very disturbing that 50cal refuses ANY kind of doctor’s help or pediatricians, while he’s extremely double-minded with so called “fake v’cines” and his ongoing praise of “rtrd drugs/psyko drugs” against anyone who shares unsavory but true facts about the men he loves. What if his child(ren) get ear infections/cancer/broken bones/congenital heart defects?

      • So retarded. Socially retarded as well. You will never accomplish anything to be proud of and will always be a loser. Sit on your lazy ass, and talk shit about people that have hundreds of times your worth. What a pathetic excuse for a man.

  4. get these items now, if you have animals/ livestock. they will be gone soon.

    she has a list, yt is slow about uploading this. I used herbals for my animals, vetRX, neem leaf and oil ( hard to find now ) baking soda for bloat, DE, echinacea, ect. same herbals for us. never vaxxed my animals either. we used a vitamin
    D full spectrum light bulb in a drop light. rigged up to inverter plus battery bank charger with solar or wind when power went out. chickens laied all winter, made our own feed too. im mobile now, dont need to worry about my farm and livestock. i pray for those going through all this.
    looks like more storms on the way. God bless

  5. We are ALL just one disaster away from being homeless, cold and hungry.

    Whether or not it be from covid fraud lockdowns, mandates, wars, fires ( I raised three dogs, chickens, turkeys, sheep and had 2 yrs food storage, six 250 gal. cisters for water storage, one ton of wheat and corn for feed, barn full of hay, greenhouse, garden, fruit trees, All gone in the fires. ) job loss, illness/disability, flooding, earthquakes, supercell storms, train derailment, chemical “accidents”, inflation, loss of benefits you worked on your whole life to collect, can be gone in a blink of an eye.

    You can also lose everything if the government comes in and imminent domain your property, comandeering/confiscated everything you own.

    I thought I had everything figured out and planned, but that’s life. The Almighty God has it all planned, we need not judge each other but help our neighbors in this time of great tribulation.

    Christ Je’sus come quickly.

    • Amen Thomas. Despite my numerous prayers about 50cal he’s still extremely rotten from the inside out. He thinks I should go work a corporate slave job that’ll require the mark. He’s hooked on praising DJT/RD and violently attacking anyone who shares bitter facts about these “saviors” as seen on Health Impact News/Skydome Atlantis/Colcasperky.

      He is targeting me with witchcraft-like curses praying that lost people/prvrts go to my house to terrorise me. I believe 50cal is casting hexes on my family/me behind closed doors too.

      • Make up lies. You are same as those sodomites that make videos of themselves with buttmonkey-pox on their faces. Hoping people will feel sorry for them as they whine like pathetic bitches. Face it. You are and always will be a sore loser. Pathetic, as you claim yeshi/yaw as your saviour and think you are some disciple (grandoise faggot) that is better than any normal Christian.

        People laugh at you, and for good reason!

  6. .50cal Mar 4, 2023 At 7:36 pm

    Ebt is filled with fraudsters. Let them eat shit-sandwiches.
    Hay my friend well a tiny population yes but not all of them. Oregon want to give all 1000 universal basic income for a year or two.We are in crucial time that an earth quake is waiting to happen in USA.
    Then what millions will suffer? Yes i am agree with you but not toally lol..

  7. EBT is cut down and we shall see a lot of people unhappy. The NWO love USA to brink of civil war
    by political division or cut the EBT at crucial time when we send 5 Trillions to Ukraine and free money.
    So we keep bringing Ukraininan to USA and pay for them while USA citizens are homeless…
    USA first now or never..

  8. We need some volkswagon sized hail on every blue shithole city and the district of corruption. Maybe some bus sized asteroids too!

      • Fraudchi and Birx lied. WHO and CDC lied. They gave bad advice to everyone, including Trump and DeSantis. Neither of which mandated suicide shots. However, blue shithole political satanists did mandate.

        They also used other forms of tyranny to lockdown taxpayers. Your argument is based on lies and disinformation to divide. You are a low I.Q. trollbecile. You don’t vote. You don’t work. You don’t pay income tax. You live at home and fag off in your pajamas.

        This is the third time my explanations of reality go in one ear and out the other with respect to your idiocy. Your opinion is worthless.

      • Trump is a freemason agent and he literally calls himself the father of the v. You are a liar for claiming he didn’t intentionally do this. The MAGA crowd just blindly believes everything their gods say, don’t they.

      • My “opinions” are facts I cite online – from actual truth accounts/websites whenever I can. I thought you’d stop bullying me by now but you lied again. Health Impact News’ facts about RD aren’t “opinions” at all despite your wild claims.

      • Voting is either 1. for losers, or 2. those who are forced to vote against their will. Voting never solves anything. Look at George Bush/Jeb Bush and Ronald Reagan, the man who abolished all liability for childhood vexxx damages, letting vexxx companies go jail free.

      • Nothing but slanderous misrepresentations of facts from your weak brain. You are worthless. Please don’t breed any more retards. You probably live in some sodom-like blue shithole too. Lame drivel, and uneducated low I.Q. trolling is all you do, trollbecile.

      • The MAGA members are all the exact same nasty things you called me, 50cal. And my region is not “sodom like blue” place, do you think the sky is red? Look at Colcasperky’s videos about Trump and due to freewill you can send him all the nastiness you want, but not without consequences.

      • A.hit.lair had the same eugenicist opinions about “undesirables” and handicapped people that you have, 50cal. He was also (and still is) worshipped very much like DJT and Desantis are. MAGA cult members (and really, both parties) think they are highly intelligent hardworking chads, but perhaps 85% of such people are weak, obese/mobility scooter riding simpletons who can’t pass a Duolingo course. Especially the older ones sadly.

      • 50cal is also OffGridMan: “Doctors are Pha-r-ma-So-rcer-y W-ho-res:

        Haven’t been to a doctor in 13 years. If I ever go again, my first question will be if they consider the s-ui-cide shots safe and effective. If they answer yes, then no business from me.

        Nasa Simulation:

        Video sucks. So does nasa.”

        1. Why do you hate all doctors so much? What if you get a chronic illness/cancer or something like that?

        2. NASA is a fraud, so why do you still praise FL? FL’s funds are being wasted on the lies of outer space and round earth/rockets trying to pierce the solid firmament.

      • Your “explanations of reality” are Dr Seuss like krackpot expectations of reality through your rose tinted MAGA lens.

      • You’re the b clown for claiming my truths and links i post are “lies” without evidence 50cal/OffGridMan. You’re the bully here. Don’t try to claim otherwise. Bet you think Prepared Homestead/Off Grid Farming with Paul and Adriene is “drivel and lies” too based on your massive ignorance and blasphemies.

    • Wishing destruction upon cities including its babies and children? That same hail should strike you and all vile Christians i come across.

      • Everybody laughs at your asinine crap posts. At lesst I have some fun mocking idiots like you and your ilk. You post lies, call it criticism, then when you get beefed you cry like a buttclown they’re censoring me , wahahaha. You play crybully like a lefty too. It is so obvious.

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