Chicago: ‘I don’t even want to live here anymore’

chicago robbery crime murder
chicago robbery crime murder

Recently a police officer was murdered by a robbery crew as she returned from work.

But, on mother’s day another robbery crew drove around the city robbing people at gunpoint. They robbed 10 people within 30 minutes. Crazy.

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This makes you wonder how bad things must be there cause this is only the crime that’s reported.

Here are two videos featuring both events:

1. 10 robbed within 30 minutes:

2. 4 kill police officer:

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  1. I don’t want to live here anymore

    Who does? I have looked since 1986 for a better country to live in and I can’t find one that is worthy of less contempt than my own shithole country. 🤣

  2. Doesn’t really matter where you live anymore. Sooner or later your area will experience blight and crime. Seems like every five to ten years the area I have moved to goes from normal to third world shithole. Nice people move out, and rotten people move in.

  3. Looks like white supremacists aren’t the biggest threat after all. I will go with blm, marxists, leftists, communists, and low I.Q. dirtbags for $400, Alex.

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