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Tech startups create the world’s first lab-grown fish filets — and they used a 3D printer…

Steakholder Foods in Israel and Umami Meats in Singapore — have now teamed up to create a cultivated fish filet prototype

“We are delighted to have produced the world’s first whole filet cultivated fish in partnership with Steakholder Foods,” said Mihir Pershad, CEO of Umami Meats. “In this first tasting, we showcased a cultivated product that flakes, tastes, and melts in your mouth exactly like excellent fish should.”

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Making lab-grown fish (or any meat) starts with cells from living animals. The cells are then combined with nutrients in machines called “bioreactors” that produce the ideal conditions for the cells to multiply.

Because the cells that come out of bioreactors are molecularly identical to those found in “real” meat, they’re a great match for flavor. However, they aren’t structured like real meat, so the texture is often still lacking.

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But Steakholder has developed a technique for turning lab-grown fish cells into a “bioink” that can be 3D printed into ready-to-cook filets. [FreeThink]

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  1. I can see the menu now.Buy a burger get a frankenflounder for free.
    The premise of the tech to create this is great. I have doubts that it’s ready for prime time though

  2. I never ate a regular fish filet sandwich in my life, and one with immortal cell lines won’t make it to my belly either. Probably give you a turbo cancer. 🤮

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