Common disinfectant wipes expose people to dangerous chemicals


Researchers say wipes contain chemical group called ‘quats’, which are linked to serious health problems…

Common disinfectant wipes expose people to dangerous chemicals
Common disinfectant wipes expose people to dangerous chemicals

QACs are a class of hundreds of chemicals also used in paints, pesticides, hand sanitizers, personal care products and more. Among other health issues, recent research has linked them to infertility, birth defects, metabolic disruption, asthma, skin disorders and other diseases.

Humans can end up with quats in their bodies through several routes. The chemicals can be dermally absorbed or orally ingested after one touches a disinfectant wipe, or when they stick around on surfaces after the use of disinfectants. Inhalation is also a risk, especially with spray disinfectants, and the chemicals are also known to attach to dust and go airborne.

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Among the groups most at risk are small children because the wipes are so frequently used in daycares or schools, elderly folks in supervised care, healthcare workers, cleaning professionals and others who frequently use disinfectants.

Quats is a group of toxic chemical researchers grew concerned as they heard reports of kids regularly using disinfectant wipes on their classroom desks, or teachers running disinfectant foggers.

Quats are common components in popular disinfectant wipes and sprays, especially those that claim to “kill 99.9% of germs”. But in a new peer-reviewed paper, the researchers assembled the conclusions from a fast-growing body of quat studies that point to several main issues: the chemicals are linked to serious health problems, they contribute to antimicrobial resistance, they pollute the environment and they are not particularly effective.

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The main exposure is through disinfectants, and most Americans are thought to have some level of the chemicals in their blood. Recent research that checked the serum of more than 200 Indiana residents before and after the pandemic started found quat levels roughly doubled, and while about 83% had detectable levels before the pandemic, 97% did after.

Why is this allowed ? And why do people think these bullshit products are necessary?

It helps keep people in need of constant medical attention and drugs ontop of drugs to conteract the drugs that are used to treat illnesses.

Or is it a secret way to depopulate by slowly poisoning the next generations… [Guardian]

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  1. There is no “garbage” listed in the article! Wouldhave been a much better article, if a detailed list of products containing “quats” was provided. Or what terminology is used to search for products containing “quats” is productive.

  2. I have used rubbing alcohol same as my childhood doctor. Works fine, and is inexpensive. I poke a pinhole in the foil top and use it like a squirt bottle. Never used any of the garbage in the article. Been using rubbing alcohol for 50 years. Haven’t been sick in over 11 years.

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