This is no church anymore…


Cathedral of St John the Divine, NYC.

The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine has welcomed the start of Pride Month with an event Wednesday night called ‘Pride Eve.’ The event included unveiling a new art installation, “Queer Icons…”

What a joke!

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  1. Well, John was an Apostle not a Disciple, their is a big difference between the two. I personally dont like seeing Reverend as the title of a preacher. But there was John the baptist, John the Apostle.

  2. Those “major” denominations aren’t so major anymore. They have shrunk tremendously during my adult life and several are getting close to being unable to survive.

  3. The word “church” originates from an Old English word meaning “circle”, where the religious would pray to demons and idols. Nothing new under the sun. Thousands of U.S. churches (on both parties) distributed the poisonous Warp Speed shots to countless people too. U.S. Babalon the Great will be brought down with this.

  4. That is most correct. It’s also wrong to call him a “Saint” that is, in the Catholic sense as having been a “good” person in the eyes of the church, having passed away for a certain amount of time and then elected to sainthood. The Bible says that every one of us that is born again of the Spirit of God is a SAINT. Period. So many things wrong with the brick and mortar churches today, just as Bible prophecy said would happen. Every major “denomination” is apostate and the story above is clear proof of that. Isn’t it fittingly ironic that the ONE sin that God hates the most is PRIDE and these lecherous and vile God haters devote a whole month to it. Jesus addresses the 7 churches in Revelation 1-3 and the only one He doesn’t condemn is the church of Philadelphia. WE are the church of Philadelphia; we who love the Lord Jesus Christ and make no membership with any of the apostate churches of today. We are BIBLE believers and have allowed Jesus to wash away our sins by His own Blood. All I know is that I don’t want to be around when God pours out His WRATH on this wicked world and I WON’T be around! I will be GONE because Jesus is coming in the sky to snatch us (we who love and await His return for us) away before pouring out His wrath for seven years. It’s the perfect and complete doctrine of the pre tribulation rapture of the church (not building but WE who have been born again) which is going to happen at any minute. The scoffers only provide the proof that He is coming when they all say “oh, we have been hearing that for years but where is the promise of His coming?” Get saved if you aren’t already because you do not want to be here for what is coming. But MORE so because He is your CREATOR and you should thank Him and love Him and turn to Him. (I’m not addressing this to you jo asis, but to everyone who reads this) SEEK HIM today because tomorrow may be too late!

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