The electromagnetic wave emission of your iPhone 12 is dangerously high! After France, now Spain, Germany and Belgium about to pull it from market!


Two more countries join France in investigating iPhone 12 radiation levels…

The iPhone 12 faces potentially being pulled from the markets of some European countries over radiation emission levels
The iPhone 12 faces potentially being pulled from the markets of some European countries over radiation emission levels. Picture by Stanislav Kogiku

At least two more European countries have requested examinations of Apple products—or suggested they be removed from shelves—after French regulators pulled some products, including the iPhone 12, from the market over the levels of electromagnetic wave emission, which Apple maintains is within the legal limits.

Key Takeaways

  • German regulators told Reuters on Thursday they are looking into examining the absorption rate (SAR) of electromagnetic waves emitted by the iPhone 12.
  • Belgian’s secretary of state for digitalization, Mathieu Michel, asked the Belgian Institute of Postal Services and Telecommunications (BIPT), the regulatory body of the electronic communications market, to analyze all Apple devices for “potential dangerousness” on Wednesday, several outlets report.
  • Spain’s Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU), a consumer group, is reportedly requesting authorities follow France in halting iPhone 12 sales.
  • Apple contests the criticism, and maintains the iPhone 12 has been authorized by multiple international monitoring organizations, and that it tested the device, and had third parties test it as well, to ensure SAR levels were in line with global standards.

Key Background

The news comes as the sale of the iPhone 12 has been banned in France after regulators found the SAR of electromagnetic waves from the iPhone 12 was 1.74 watts per kilogram above their limit. Regulators are sounding the alarm for potential health risks and danger, though research has failed to show any health concerns deriving from mobile phone usage, according to the World Health Organization.

What To Watch For

France’s potential recall of the iPhone 12. “Should the French authority take market-restricting measures, it can subsequently initiate proceedings at EU level as well. If in these proceedings the EU Member States do not raise any objections within three months, then the measures apply throughout the EU,” said a spokesperson for Bundestnetzagentur, the German federal network agency for telecommunications, electricity, gas, post and railways. [Forbes]

Guys, it’s time to wake up!

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  1. How about phones being produced in the country they are to be used in?
    This way the safety and security could be monitored.
    Producing jobs and tax revenue.
    Oh wait that would be too much like common sense.Can’t have that can we.

  2. Manuel We love you for best news agency without censorship. We people of Iran today was anniversary of Mahsa Amini and if my people wake up soon we may delay many years WW3.
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