Beware! A cannibal CME is coming and is about to disrupt the world


More radio blackouts, more satellite disruptions, more volcanic eruptions and strong earthquakes ahead…

cannibal CME Dec 1st 2023
cannibal CME Dec 1st 2023

NOAA models confirm that a Cannibal CME will strike our planet on Dec. 1st. Cannibal CMEs form when a fast CME sweeps up a slower CME ahead of it.

The combination contains intense, tangled magnetic fields that can do a good job sparking auroras when they reach Earth. If a Cannibal CME strikes Earth on Dec. 1st, as predicted, geomagnetic storm levels could reach category G3 (Strong).

So now what happens during a strong geomagnetic storm?

Earth could experience a strong (G3) geomagnetic storm this week. If so, here’s what we can expect. The last G3-class storm on Nov. 5th sparked not only bright auroras, but also deep-red SAR arcs around the world. Greg Redfern photographed this example from the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia:

SAR arc during last strong geomagnetic storm G3 on November 5, 2023
SAR arc during last strong geomagnetic storm G3 on November 5, 2023… Taken by GREG REDFERN on November 5, 2023 @ Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

SAR arcs look like auroras, but they are not. They are the glow of heat energy leaking into the upper atmosphere from Earth’s ring current system–a donut-shaped circuit carrying millions of amps around our planet. During the Nov. 5th geomagnetic storm, these red arcs were observed as far south as Texas and California.

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Auroras were observed as well — “and they were INSANE,” says Janne Maj Nagelsen, who watched the display from Stamnes, Vaksdal, Norway:

Amazing auroras during latest G3 geomagnetic storm on Nov. 5th 2023
Amazing auroras during latest G3 geomagnetic storm on Nov. 5th 2023. Taken by Janne Maj Nagelsen on November 5, 2023 @ Stamnes, Vaksdal, Norway

“I have never seen such strong auroras,” says Nagelsen. “Not to mention the colors. I mean look at the picture! They were totally, literally insane.”

Auroras are caused by charged particles raining from space down upon Earth’s atmosphere. Unlike SAR arcs, which are pure red, auroras can have a rich and stunning variety of colors. Both phenomena may be photographed on Dec. 1, 2023, when a Cannibal CME is expected to hit Earth.

Hey guys, it’s time to wake up!

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  1. Has anyone ever proven beyond the Nazi powered NASA that there is such a thing as CME? AND, can we prove this imaginary flare/ flame has affected anyone or anything? Stupid gone to seed. Let’s stick with things worthy of our time and debate.

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