Wandering can be dangerous!

Especially in forests in the Ryazan region, Kaluga region and the Krasnoyarsk region of Russia where weird deep round holes have been discovered while exploring dense forests.

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This strange phenomenon was observed in places where no cars and trucks can drive so where no drilling devices can be brought.

weird round holes in Russia in deep forests

Some adventurers went into these holes. They only found absolute darkness. Weird phenomenon!

weird round holes in Russia

How were they built and for what actually? The source and the reason of these holes remain a mystery.

weird round holes in Russia

Have you heard about the mysterious sinkholes that opened up in Siberia in 2014?

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  1. I Wish I lived nearby , I would Duct Tape a Flash light Torch to my Mobile Phone or Video Camera & Use Fishing Line to see how far down these things go , and see what the end looks like ? of course I would then use that to compare Measurement I’d love to know more Statistical information about these 🙂


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