This is AWFUL! Notre Dame de Paris is on FIRE and burns down!

notre dame paris fire, notre dame paris fire video, notre dame paris fire pictures
Yes, indeed! This is terrible! According to photos and videos from Paris, a huge fire is consuming the spire and roof of the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral....

Severe storms turn deadly in South: ‘Large and dangerous’ tornadoes hit Texas – Dozens injured, 2 children killed – Significant damage – 180,000 in the DARK

franklin tornado texas april 13 2019, Deadly storms engulf US South: Aftermath of Franklin tornado in Texas on April 13, 2019, Deadly storms engulf US South: Aftermath of Franklin tornado in Texas on April 13, 2019 video, Deadly storms engulf US South: Aftermath of Franklin tornado in Texas on April 13, 2019 pictures
Following an outbreak of severe weather from Texas to Mississippi on Saturday and Saturday night, violent storms are spreading eastward as the weekend comes to a close....

Spectacular ‘BOMBOGENESIS’ rapidly develops over the North Atlantic today, moving north towards Greenland and Iceland

bombogenesis greenland iceland, bombogenesis greenland iceland pictures, bombogenesis greenland iceland video, bombogenesis greenland iceland map
It seems that those rapidly intensifying storms called 'Bomb Cyclones' become the new NORMAL in the last weeks. After wreaking avoc in the US midwest, a new...

There’s a lot of Paradises out there! California aims to identify wildfire-prone towns that could be next Paradise

california wildfire zone 2019, california wildfire zone risk 2019
Impoverished towns in the shadow of Mount Shasta. Rustic Gold Rush cities in the Sierra Nevada foothills. High-dollar resort communities on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Ritzy...

MIRACLE baby girl born on MANGO TREE during cyclone Idai in Mozambique

baby born mango tree cyclone idai mozambique, baby born mango tree cyclone idai mozambique picture, baby born mango tree cyclone idai mozambique video
"I was with my little 2-year-old son, when suddenly, without warning, the water started to get inside my house, I had no option but to jump on...

Texas, New Mexico strong dust storm makes DIRTY SNOW in Minnesota

texas snow storm makes dirt snow minnesota, texas snow storm makes dirt snow minnesota video, texas snow storm makes dirt snow minnesota pictures, texas snow storm makes dirt snow minnesota april 2019, winter storm wesley april 2019
Did you notice the snow from this storm is a little off-color? If you made it out of your house today you might have noticed some of...

BOMB Winter Storm Wesley Impacts: Power Outages, Schools Closed, Flights Canceled, Interstates Shut Down

winter storm wesley bomb cyclone april 2019, winter storm wesley bomb cyclone april 2019 video, winter storm wesley bomb cyclone april 2019 pictures, winter storm wesley bomb cyclone april 2019 map
Colorado and South Dakota activated their state emergency operations centers. South Dakota's governor closed state offices in 54 counties. The governor of Minnesota said the National Guard...

It’s the Nebraska way. It’s #NebraskaStrong #PrayersForNebraska #NebraskaFlood2019

nebraska floods relief 2019, It's the Nebraska way. It's #NebraskaStrong. #PrayersForNebraska #NebraskaFlood2019
Midwestern farmers are not about to let historic flooding put them under. It's the Nebraska way. It's #NebraskaStrong #PrayersForNebraska #NebraskaFlood2019

Absolutely ABNORMAL rain storm lashes Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, turning streets into torrential rivers – at least six dead – 8 inches in 4 hours – State of emergency

rio brazil floods, rio brazil floods video, rio brazil floods april 2019, rio brazil floods pictures, Powerful, 'abnormal' rains lash Rio de Janeiro, at least six dead
Torrential rains doused Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday, killing at least six people and sowing chaos in Brazil’s second largest city, which declared a state of emergency...

Cyclone Idai factbox: Death toll rises to 847 – Hundreds of thousands displaced – Cholera cases rise – no food and water

cyclone idai death cholera health disease, cyclone idai death cholera health disease video
Hundreds of thousands of people are in need of food, water and shelter after Cyclone Idai battered Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. As of Sunday, at least 847...

Areas paralyzed by blizzards and floods last month are getting ready for a SECOND ROUND of BOMB CYCLONE – 2nd UNUSUAL INLAND BOMBOGENESIS in less than a month

bomb cyclone midwest april 2019, bomb cyclone usa april 2019, bomb cyclone april 2019
Only three weeks after a "bomb cyclone" — one of the most intense storms on record — pummeled the Plains and Midwest, another bombogenesis of similar strength...

We have never seen catastrophic flooding like this, and the NOAA is now telling us that there will be more major flooding until May and even July 2019

us spring floods outlook until July 2019, us spring floods outlook until July 2019 maps, us spring floods outlook until July 2019 video
On Thursday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warned that “historic, widespread flooding” would “continue through July”.  More than 90 percent of the upper Midwest and Great...

Iran FLOODS: Flooding in Iran kills at least 70, forces evacuation of thousands – Massive flood damage to farms – thousands of sheep dead

iran flooding, iran flooding april 2019, iran flooding video, iran flooding pictures
After Australia and US midwest, now Iran. Flooding in Iran has killed at least 70 people, forced the mass evacuation of thousands, and caused hundreds of millions...

Rare NATIONAL disaster declared as GIANT forest fire kills at least 2, injures 35 and triggers 4200 evacuations in South Korea

south korea fire april 2019, south korea fire april 2019 video, south korea fire april 2019 pictures, Apocalyptic fire in South Korea in April 2019
A giant forest fire swept across swathes of South Korea Friday, as authorities declared a rare national disaster, deploying 900 fire engines and tens of thousands of...

Food Crisis: Hail storm smashes 4 million avocados in under 10 minutes in Australia

Around 80 per cent of the fruit on the 12,000 avocado trees in the Pretty Gully orchard was knocked to the ground
A hail storm that ripped through an avocado orchard in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales last week has destroyed an estimated 4 million avocados. Aussie...

State of emergency in New Zealand after motorway bridge over Waiho River is washed away by furious flash flooding

motorway bridge collapse new zealand storm, motorway bridge collapse new zealand storm video, motorway bridge collapse new zealand storm march 2019
A motorway bridge over the Waiho River was washed away in a severe rain storm on Tuesday, prompting the authorities to declare a state of emergency, and...

Violent flash floods change streets into raging RIVERS in Shiraz, Iran killing at least 18 – Hundreds of cars swept away

Violent flash floods hit Shiraz Iran killing at least 18, Violent flash floods hit Shiraz Iran killing at least 18 video, Violent flash floods hit Shiraz Iran killing at least 18 pictures
At least 17 people, including three children, were killed and as many as 68 were injured in heavy flooding in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz on...

Chaotic evacuations with emergency sirens blaring as the Missouri River rises to the top of the three-story-high levee wall in St. Joseph, Missouri!

us spring flood outlook 2019, Spring outlook for flooding puts much of the region along the Missouri River in the potential area for more moderate to major flooding
Record floodwaters that submerged vast stretches of Nebraska and Iowa farmland along America's longest river reached a new crest on Friday at the waterfront city of St....

Destructive hailstorm kills hundreds of FALCONS in Newcastle, South Africa

Falcon Tragedy: Hundreds of Birds Die as Massive Hail Storm Hits Newcastle Overnight
Over 1,000 falcon birds are reported to have been injured or died overnight after a massive hail storm swept suddenly into Newcastle in South Africa, wreaking havoc...

It’s not even April and Washington already had 50 brush fires

wildfire washington, wildfire washington 2019, bad wildfire washington 2019
We are not even into April, but we’ve had 50 brush fires across Washington just this week. Firefighters usually start getting busy fighting brush fires and wildfires...

California in ‘Extreme Peril’ from FIRE THREAT – Gov. Gavin Newsom declares STATEWIDE fire emergency to PREPARE

Gov. Gavin Newsom declares state wildfire emergency, Gov. Gavin Newsom declares state wildfire emergency video, Gov. Gavin Newsom declares state wildfire emergency march 2019
California Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a statewide wildfire emergency Friday, citing “extreme peril” to life and property, in an effort to speed up forest clearing measures. There...

Gov. Pete Ricketts: Worst flooding damage in our state’s history – As many as a million calves lost in Nebraska

Nebraska historic floods kill millions of livestock
"This is the biggest disaster, as far as damage, we've ever experienced in our state," says Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts. Nebraska historic floods...

Puerto Rico POWER finally FULLY RESTORED 18 months after Hurricane Maria – But the GRID is not READY for another powerful STORM

Puerto Rico Power Fully Restored 18 Months After Hurricane Maria Wiped Out the Grid
That was really LONG! Eighteen months after Hurricane Maria destroyed Puerto Rico's electrical grid, customers on an island off the coast of the U.S. territory finally had...

Strongest hailstorm in 30 years ravages Yunnan, China

hailstorm china, hailstorm china pictures, hailstorm china video, hailstorm china march 19 2019
Heavy hail shattered vehicles and rooftops Tuesday morning in Jinping County southwest China's Yunnan Province. This was the strongest hail in 30 years for Jinping County causing...

Very SCARY: In less than 24 hours, Veronica went from an unnamed tropical low to a Category 4 intense tropical cyclone! Western Australia on ALERT

tropical cyclone veronica march 2019, tropical cyclone veronica and trevor march 2019 map
In less than 24 hours, Veronica went from an unnamed tropical low to a Category 4 intense tropical cyclone as it spun off the northwestern coastline of...

Next BOMB CYCLONE ahead: Rapidly intensifying power storm to hammer northeastern US with high winds, rain, flooding and heavy spring snow Friday and Saturday

next bomb cyclone us northeast march 2019
The bombogenesis that hit Nebraska last week was no joke, blizzard on one end of the State, historic flooding on the other... Evacuations continue in Nebraska, Iowa,...

$1.3 billion damage in Nebraska from historic midwest flooding – Meanwhile Missouri towns ordered to evacuate

historic flooding midwest march 2019, historic flooding midwest 2019, historic flooding midwest 2019 pictures, historic flooding midwest 2019 video, historic flooding midwest 2019 costs
Even as a Missouri town was ordered to evacuate Wednesday, officials are already beginning to tally up the damage from the historic flooding that has devastated the...

Incredible photos of the destroyed Spencer Dam

Spencer dam picture, Destroyed Spencer dam picture, Destroyed Spencer dam picture march 2019
These pictures are worth a thousand words Destroyed Spencer dam picture. via Facebook post below Hope...

Now it’s more than sure that Tropical Cyclone Trevor will hit Australia in the next days

tropical storm trevor australia, tropical storm trevor australia march 2019, tropical storm trevor australia map
map by BOM This just after Sydney was flooded by unprecedented rains on Sunday. Follow...

Life-threatening ‘giant surf’ tops 50 feet into Monday in Hawaii

giant wave hawaii surf, giant surf hawaii
'Giant surf' can cause damage and endanger anyone who attempts to enter the waters along the northern and western coasts of the Hawaiian Islands into Monday.

Sydney smashed with a month’s worth of rainfall in just 24 hours: Lightning, hail, flash flooding – Meanwhile CYCLONE forms off Queensland

sydney rain flash flooding, sydney rain flash flooding video, sydney rain flash flooding pictures
Sydney suburb has been smashed with a month's worth of rain in just 24 hours. Downpours and flash flooding were seen across the city throughout Sunday. Areas...

Officials preparing to SHUT DOWN the Cooper NUCLEAR POWER STATION after record rises in the Missouri River in Nebraska!

Cooper Nuclear Station still operating but preparing for shutdown as Missouri River hits record levels
Nebraska’s lone nuclear plant was preparing to shut down Friday in the face of record rises in the Missouri River. Security shut down should occur if the...

‘It is just all gone!’ Deadly ice jam destroys Spencer Dam and nearby highway – Cattle stranded on small inlets in Platte River in rural Nebraska

spencer dam break nebraska, spencer dam break nebraska pictures, spencer dam break nebraska video
Deadly flood waters in central Nebraska took its vengeance on the Niobrara River and surrounding areas early Thursday morning. Overwhelming ice and water breached the Spencer Dam...

Drought in the Philippines: Millions of people QUEUE hours to fill buckets with WATER in Manila’s ‘worst’ water shortage

philippines drought water shortage manilla, philippines drought water shortage manilla video, philippines drought water shortage manilla march 2019
Manila has been hit by its worst water shortage in years, leaving bucket-bearing families to wait hours to fill up from tanker trucks and some hospitals to...

Prayers for the ranchers out there in South Dakota after historic BLIZZARD buries cattle in feet of snow!

cattle buried snow south dakota video, cattle buried snow south dakota video march 2019
Prayers for the ranchers out there, we sure need a few for Three Mile Creek... South Dakota 2019 blizzard. Thank you to Dale Jessie Vocu for sharing...

Extremely DANGEROUS Tropical Cyclone Idai hits Mozambique and becomes DEADLIEST weather disaster of 2019, killing 122

tropical cyclone idai, tropical cyclone idai map, tropical cyclone idai video, tropical cyclone idai pictures
As Mozambique braces for the onslaught of Tropical Cyclone Idai, flooding from the system that became the storm has killed 122 people in Mozambique and Malawi, making...

Dramatic consequences of the CENTRAL PLAINS BOMBOGENESIS in videos and pictures

bombogenesis central plains march 2019, bombogenesis central plains march 2019 video, bombogenesis central plains march 2019 pictures
Here some dramatic news, probably not covered by the large news networks out there. Have a thought or prayer for them! This is...

Storm Gareth: 2,000-mile wide ‘WEATHER BOMB’ engulfs Britain with 80mph winds

storm gareth, storm gareth uk europe, storm gareth uk europe photo, storm gareth uk europe video
A 2,000-mile wide 'weather bomb' swept into Britain with 80mph winds today as Storm Gareth threatened to postpone Ladies' Day at the Cheltenham Festival tomorrow. Meanwhile another...

Red Alert: Powerful Cyclone Idai, a Category 4 hurricane equivalent, will go down as one of only three major (Cat 3-5) cyclones to ever make landfall in Mozambique, Africa

Cyclone Idai, Cyclone Idai video, Cyclone Idai mozambique, Cyclone Idai mozambique march 2019
After recent, rapid strengthening, heavy rain from Idai was responsible for several deaths in central Mozambique. The powerful cyclone is now on a path that will put...

Widespread BLIZZARD expected as ‘BOMB CYCLONE’ explodes over Colorado Wednesday

colorado bomb cyclone, denver bomb cyclone, bombogenesis colorado denver march 2019
No, I'm NOT being sensational. Believe it or not, this IS ... a thing! According to latest weather models, a BOMBOGENESIS will hit Colorado’s eastern plains, bringing...




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