News on sinkhole formations around the World: Louisiana sinkhole, Page sinkhole and Somerset sinkhole


Residents angry as Assumption sinkhole continues collapsing – February 25 2013

The Assumption Parish sinkhole is a lot like a living, breathing thing. More than 200 days after it mysteriously started swallowing up the swamp, hundreds of residents are still under a mandatory evacuation order.
Geophysicists say the cavern that caused the sinkhole at the surface is still collapsing, leaving Bayou Corne residents wondering if there will ever be an end in sight. Thank you Texas Brine! – WWLTV

Page, Arizona – February 25 2013

The giant fissure in the ground swallowed two cars in Page, Arizona, and caused 120 feet of highway to sink over 8 feet. But geologists are now also worried that the road may be irreparable for a long time because it appears that the whole side of the mountain is sinking! – sott

Horse falls into a sinkhole in Shepton Mallet, Somermet
Firefighters in Somerset and Devon have recently teamed up to rescue a horse that fell inside a natural sink hole in Shepton Mallet, Somermet and failed to get out of it on its own. – softpedia

horse in sinkhole

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  1. I live on the top of a hill in the fingerlakes NY.Even more than sound now my water is being effected! We had some kind of underground shift happen on Sat 3/9/2013 that caused our well to empty so we switched to the other well and suddenly a foul sulfur came out with the water that was so strong my boys ran from the barn. The next morning on the 10th that well dropped empty so we switched back to find the original well had recovered. This has never happened before except with our 30 foot shallow well late last summer when a 2 1/2 foot dia. sinkhole appeared near our house.  We lost water in that 30 foot well when the sinkhole appeared but it recovered soon after. Looked for more sinkholes but too much snow on the ground to see much now! The crust is truly shifting!


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