Visit magic places on Earth: Mystery landscapes in Chile


This video presents mystery landscapes in Chile

A few information about the nature monuments shown in the video.

Laguna Miscanti, a brackish water lake located in the altiplano of the Antofagasta Region, in northern Chile with the Miñiques volcano and Cerro Miscanti towering over the lake.

laguna miscanti and the miniques volcano, Chile

El Tatio Geyser, a mine field located at 4,200 meters above mean sea levelwhich presenting over 80 active geysers. El Tatio is the largest geyser field in the southern hemisphere and the third largest field in the world, after Yellowstone, USA, and Dolina Giezerov, Russia.

el tatio geyser northern chile

Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon), one of the driest places on earth, in the Atacama desert of Chile. Valle de la Luna is a part of the Reserva Nacional los Flamencos and was declared a Nature Sanctuary in 1982 for its great natural beauty and strange lunar landscape, from which its name is derived.

valle de la luna, valley of the moon, chile

Polloquere hot springs (sulfur) located in the Salar de Surire. The ground is black mud, stirring up easily. The rocks, colors and terrain give great photo opportunities – if you can make it there. A truly remarkable location totally off the beaten path.

polloquere hot springs chile

Salar de Surire, a Chilean Natural Monument located in the Andes, in the Arica y Parinacota Region mainly consisting of a salt flat and a number of small salt lakes, sheltering several Andean species of wildlife and plants. Arintica volcano towers over the salt flat.

salar de surire, chile

Torres del Paine National Park (Spanish: Parque Nacional Torres del Paine) is a national park encompassing mountains, a glacier, a lake, and river-rich areas in southern Chilean Patagonia

torres del Paine national parc, chile

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