Loud booms and fire after an underground gas explosion in Kansas City, Missouri – February 19 2013


Our planet earth is moving and waking up! Always more underground explosions occur! Be careful!

underground explosion at Country club plaza in Kansas City, February 19 2013

If you go to a restaurant, you normaly want a hot meal. Well about 14 clients of a Kansas City’s restaurant did not only get their great meal but were also “cooked” after an underground natural gas explosion occured just after 6 pm in their favorite restaurant (JJ’s) in the Country Club Plaza, an upscale shopping and restaurant district. The loud booms triggered by the explosion were heard up to two blocks away. Flames were coming out from a manhole cover. Of the three patients transported to the hospital, one was listed in critical condition and two in serious condition. I hope they will be able to enjoy their next meal! – Times of Oman

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