Famous sinkholes around the world: A huge sinkhole opens up in Marvão, Portugal – April 9 2013


100 meters deep crater forms in Marvao portugal april 2013

Believe these pictures or not! A incredible sinkhole opened up yesterday, April 9 2013, in Marvão, Alto Alentejo, Portugal. The cause of this amazing geological phenomenon is still undefined but the ground probably sinked because of excess water in the soil. The crater measures about 100 meters deep and 17 meters in diameter. This is amongst the largest and most impressive sinkhole of Portugal and probably around Europe. Another smaller crater opened up in the same area in the village of Porto da Espada. Portugal experienced heavy rains last month. – Sic Noticias

As already introduced in this post, sinkholes are typical phenomena in areas, such as Florida, where the ground is made of limestone.

huge sinkhole opens up in portugal april 9 2013

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