Strange Phenomenon: Cicadas Plague Expected On US East Coast From New England To North Carolina This Spring


cicadas pledge US spring 2013

Insect plagues will not only affect Madagascar and Egypt this year. It is indeed expected that billions of cicadas will swarm the East Coast from New England to North Carolina this spring after remaining underground since the 1990s. The Brood II cicadas are expected to appear in large concentrations along the East Coast between mid-April and late May, a ritual nearly two decades in the making. The cicadas go through five stages underground feeding on tree bark and roots before they reappear above the surface. The bugs will begin to arrive throughout several states in pursuit of mates as the ground warms to 64 degrees and hotter. Thus these bugs have been underground since Bill Clinton was in the White House and are a species that appears once every 17 years to reproduce and die. Their parents surfaced in the Lower Hudson Valley in 1996. Get ready for this invasion and protect your crops! – CBS News

Listen to these noisy cicadas here!

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