Famine is near! Giant swarms of locusts devour crops and ravage livestock feed across Russia (video and pictures)


In the Russian Krasnodar Krai, a giant plague of locusts is destroying crops of the Primorsko-Akhtar region on the Black Sea. And the voracious flying insects have already ravaged up to 80% of livestock feed (hay, etc…) in some regions of Yakutia (northeast Russia), where a state of emergency has been declared in several settlements… Famine is near…

From Poland newspaper:

While Russian invaders steal crops from farmers and block grain exports in southern Ukraine, their own fields are under threat of destruction.

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Millions of locusts are currently ravaging agricultural land in southern Russia, devouring crops and causing local authorities to sound the alarm in the Primorsko-Akhtarsky region near the Black Sea.

Local authorities warn that the locust feeding area is expanding hourly due to the current drought. The Russian media reported that the local authorities had no idea how to get rid of the plague.

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Petr Andryushchenko, an adviser to the mayor of the devastated Ukrainian seaside city of Mariupol, wrote on social media that the locusts attacked have targeted a city in the Primorsko-Akhtarsk district, from where military planes take off daily to bomb Ukraine’s Donetsk region.

Airplanes took off from there, dropping bombs on our drama theater and maternity hospital,” commented Andryushchenko on Telegram. “And now this damned city is under attack by the militant Ukrainian locust. This is an invasion that they cannot do anything about. Nature itself is taking revenge for what they did to Mariupol.

As reported by a Russian newspaper:

Krasnodar farmers are seriously concerned about the situation with the locust invasion. Hordes of voracious insects attack the crops, and their numbers are growing exponentially. In a day, a flock is capable of destroying literally everything on a field.

Hordes of locusts destroy corn crops. Tens of millions of hungry insects are circling over the field. Only in the Krasnodar Territory, locusts occupied two and a half thousand hectares. It’s like 3500 football fields.


Such a horde of locusts can cover a distance of several hundred kilometers in a day in search of food. Insects leave behind almost bare ground, causing great damage to agriculture.

The Asian Migratory Locust is omnivorous. During the day, a flock of a million “heads” is capable of destroying about 20 tons of vegetation.

locust plague Russia July 2022
Locust plague in Russia in July 2022

Plague is everywhere

Currently in Russia, pest control is on all fronts. But it’s not only southern Russia that is being plagued by the flying insects.

Farmers in Yakutia are pouring chemicals into their fields to protect what’s left to feed their livestock (no wheat or grains). The scale of the disaster in this northern region given that the small sizes of the fields are small and the shorter season.

The locusts have destroyed more than 80% of the hay. Here we will no longer be able to stock up on hay for the winter,” admits the mayor of Syulya.

A state of emergency has been declared in several settlements. To date, more than 350 hectares of hayfields have been treated with the chemical to control insects,” said Pavel Samsonov, chief agronomist of the Department of Agriculture of the Nyurba District.

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However, this is not the end. The fight is in full swing. In a month, the insects will begin the breeding season, and the locust will become much more voracious.

To summarize: No grains from Ukraine, biblical plagues of locusts destroy crops and hay in Russia… The great famine is no more history… It’s the future! [5tv, TVP, Stopcor]

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  1. John the Baptist ate locusts and wild honey.

    And says, “REPENT, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand ! “

    • I’ll pass on that diet. I prefer what Christ and his disciples ate who weren’t in the wilderness. Unfortunately enough are repenting. His wrath will get more intense.

  2. They may be bred and released on purpose.( and genetically engineered too )

    Just like with the genetically engineered mosquitoes. ( that if I recall correctly have already been released in the USA.)

    We are now living on planet HELL ON EARTH everyday even more so then the last.

    • Correct!
      It was another Bill Gates experiment.
      He gave a Ted talk on them. At the end there was a table next to him. On it was a jar of them. He calming opened the jar and released them to bite the audience. They audience smiled and clapped as he exited the stage. Gates is an evil guy and the sheeple love him.

  3. These are man made in order to harass humanity for long time.
    Everything is must go they soon make new home moon and mars
    and they do not need us any more…

  4. Maybe I will invest in 100lbs more of rice, bringing my supply to 500lbs.?

    The only way I would eat a grasshopper, is were fried, and the coated with dark chocolate, and some diced pecans.

    • And the grasshopper must be decapitated. I don’t like eating things with the head still on. Then you have eyeballs looking at you, and it’s creepy. The dark chocolate has to be the good stuff too, no fake dark chocolate.

    • People really need to STOP letting other people know about the FOOD ( and ARMS ) that they have stashed away including online because that’s how the government finds out about your food and arms stash.

      Not that long ago I came across a article about a prophecy about coming FOOD ( and ARMS ) CONFISCATION in the USA.The man who wrote the article says he knows that prophet personally and that they have a accurate track record with their prophecies.

      Your not as anonymous as you think you are online.

      ME I honestly wouldn’t be surprised at all if I’m on some government list just because of the comments I post online.( and have photos of me even though I never put any online )

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