The Russian Sinkhole City: Cars, Buses, And Trucks Are Swallowed By Giant Sinkholes In Samara Russia


Nightmare? No these images present the daily reality of Samara’s residents as it appears that their city is sinking into the earth, as massive sinkholes open up swallowing cars and wreaking havoc.

sinkholes open up in Samara russia april 2013

A sinkhole plague has started in the city of Samara, Russia, where dozens of holes have sprung up and left a trail of devastation across the city in recent weeks. As a result, citizens live in daily fear of the ground disappearing beneath them.

sinkhole fear in Samara russia 2013

The sinkholes, some large enough to swallow an entire truck, are believed to have opened up as the Russian winter subsides.

huge sinkhole plague in samara russia swallows car buses and kills residents

There has reportedly been at least one fatality as a result of the sinkholes in the Russia’s sixth largest city.

pictures of sinkhole devastation in samara russia 2013

The problem is thought to be causing carnage across the city. Now residents have organised a petition to urge authorities to find a solution

sinkhole plague in russian city samara 2013

Sinkholes are common hazards in mining regions, plaguing areas where miners have burrowed into layers of soluble minerals and accidental floods have followed. But natural sinkholes can take thousands of years to form and vary in size. They are usually the result of what are known as Karst processes, which occur when a layer of rock such as limestone underneath the ground is dissolved by acidic water. Typically rainfall seeps through the soil, absorbing carbon dioxide and reacting with decaying vegetation. As a result, the water that reaches the soluble rock is acidic.
You can read more about sinhole formation here.

Here a video showing a Samara’s taxi man having trouble with his car.

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