Monster Sinkhole Will Sooner or Later Swallow Parts of Carlsbad in New Mexico (VIDEO)


Underground cavities in the U.S. are ticking time bombs that could suddenly turn into deadly sinkholes.

Learn about Carlsbad, New Mexico, a city that will be sooner or later be eaten by giant sinkholes.

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Man-made sinkhole or collapsed brine well in Artesia, New Mexico

In March, a Florida man died after his bed was swallowed by a sinkhole that had opened up under his house. That was a naturally-occurring disaster.

Man-made sinkhole or collapsed brine well in Artesia New Mexico

Man-made sinkhole or collapsed brine well in Artesia New Mexico

But in New Mexico, more precisely in Carlsbad, CNN reports that a man-made cavity below a large part of the city can implode at any time due to irresponsible extraction practices by the oil industry. This probable monster sinkhole is a very big concern for the city and its residents.

Another man-made sinkhole is actually expanding in Louisiana due to mining activities conducted by the oil and gas service company Texas Brine. It is called the LOUISIANA SINKHOLE. I wrote a post on the evolution of this sinkhole from August 2012 to April 2013. For other hard to find information visit the Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle.

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  1. Several hundred people live in the eldarado rv park wich is in the colapse zone… and no one has told any of them…

  2. This is ridiculous sensationalism.
    The sinkhole threatens 3-4 buildings and a section of a highway in the southern end of Carlsbad.
    This article makes it sound like the entire city of 30,000 people is about to be swallowed up.
    Get your facts straight.

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