The mighty musical stone at Gobustan National Park


The Gobustan National Park is an amazing place.

With its four hundred mud volcanoes, bizarre rock formations, burning gas vents, prehistoric petroglyphs – and the large musical stone, called Gaval Dash (Qavaldaş).

The mighty resonating stone is two meters long. It sounds like a tambourine sound when it is “played” by hitting it with smaller stones.

It has been hypothesized that the singing stone has been used since ancient times to play ritual melodies, used for the archaic Yallı chain-dance.

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The musical stone in the Gobustan National Park. Photo: Rita Willaert

As described by Atlas Obscura:

[quote_box_center] Other rocks in the Gobustan area have proven to have similar capabilities, which are thought to be the result of a combination of the unique climate and the effect of the natural gas within the region.

A number of Azeri musicians have used the hypnotic sound of the rock to create pieces of music, partly in combination with other instruments, or chanting. [/quote_box_center]

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