Video Compilation: Strange Sounds, Plane Crash, Huge Fire, Funny Bike, Tragic Flood – Good Sunday


strange sounds around the world video


Enjoy these videos…


Strange metallic noises in the sky near Charlotte, NC

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2 Dead on Saturday afternoon at the Vectren Air Show near Dayton

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Huge fire in Ludwigshafen,Germany (BASF)

A several hundred meter-high cloud of smoke has spread after the great fire of a warehouse in Ludwigshafen on the Rhine-Neckar region. The fire had broken out, according to the emergency services on Saturday afternoon in a hall of a logistics service provider on the park island on the Rhine. Cops wear gasmasks because of the chemical danger from that fire.

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Earth gives way beneath excavator in Malaysia

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Amazing Aerial Footage of Calgary Flood

Fri, Jun 21: More raw aerial footage showing the devastation throughout Calgary’s downtown core and the flood waters continue to flow.

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Most impressive biker, EVER!

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  1. I am crossing ‘wingwalker’ off my to-do list! Gawd!
    I don’t understand how Calgary has such a disaster from a 5″ rainstorm. Don’t they have drains??
    Up in the Rockies those hillsides have good drainage systems to divert water and snow-melt.

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