Mysterious sky trumpet noise in Southwest Virginia and Alabama on August 24, 2015


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The sky trumpet was heard in Southwest Virginia and in Tuscumbia, Alabama on the same day during morning and afternoon. What on earth is this noise?

1. Eerie noise from the sky in Virginia


So my husband and I live in Southwest Virginia USA and this morning we heard for the first time these eerie noises which seem to come from the sky. We have been hearing them on and off all day today. They are a bit louder now than they were this morning so I made another video..

Morning at about 8:45am to after 9:00am:

Afternoon at 2:50pm – louder:

Until today, I thought this was some kind of an elaborate hoax… what on earth is this noise?[/quote_box_center]

2. Creepy loud banging noise recorded in Tuscumbia, Alabama

The sounds were recorded at around 11am. But I don’t understand why the recorded did not record this terrifying phenomenon more than a few seconds:

This is a kind of weird noise that seems pretty… fake to me. Or a cut from a previous event?

But you tell me what these terrifying strange sounds from the sky may be. Thank you!

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  1. Are these folks originally from the City? I can identify most of these sounds. Really people, leave the house once in a while and experience your surroundings. And lose the earphones.

  2. HOLY CRAP I KNOW THE EXACT PLACE THAT IN TUSCUMBIA ALABAMA THAT WAS RECORDED! It was recorded at the apartments on the hill beside Muscle Shoals Walmart, and at the exact apartment building and staircase that leads to a room formally rented out to someone I know in the family, she moved somewhere else, now I know why.

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