Discover Untung Jawa the “Trash Island”: it’s Once Pristine Surf Beaches Are Now Giant Garbage Swamps


We are turning our Oceans and Seas into a toxic hell! And these terrible photographs feature our garbage-earth beautifully!

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Indonesia is a paradise for surfers that travel to remote islands to surf perfect waves. It’s rare one sees surf photography featuring anything but beautiful blue waves and gorgeous women.

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This idilic scenario you’d expect is ruined, here, in Untung Jawa Island, just an hour ride from Jakarta, Indonesia, by hundreds of tons of plastic, styrofoam, and the occasional dead body washing ashore and floating around like the native fauna. (Surfer Mag)

sea pollution in indonesia: Trash Slick , fight against sea and ocean pollution and trash, surfing indonesia, Discover Untung Jawa also known as

Around this trash island, garbages are probably more dangerous than sharks!

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