US Sinkhole Formation: Man Swallowed in Florida, Tree Swamped in Tennessee and Car Engulfed in Oklahoma


Sinkhole swallows Taylor County Man in Florida

A Taylor County man was swallowed up by a sinkhole in own yard, and as if that wasn’t enough… he was holding a chainsaw when the accident happened.


Huge Sinkhole closes Washington State Highway

After hours of heavy rain in Washington state, a big sinkhole opened up and a section of highway went with it.


Oklahoma City Sinkhole Swallows car

A small red car crashed into the sinkhole, which may have been caused by a water main break in the area of Oklahoma City


Sinkhole Swallows a Tree in West Knox Tennessee

Knox County crews have closed a portion of Polo Club Drive in West Knox County following discovery of a sinkhole at a residence, which swallowed a tree. The sinkhole is about 15-by-20-feet wide.

knoxville tennessee sinkhole september 2013, sinkholke swallows tree in knoxville tennessee


Florida State Repairs the 160-Foot Sinkhole In Suwannee County

Suwannee County wants to prevent that from happening locally, so now, after more than a year, Live Oak is repairing their 160- foot sinkhole caused by Tropical Storm Debbie. The project started Thursday and will be completed by mid-October of 2013.

Large Sinkhole is opening in Gettysview Tennessee

See the video here.

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